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It's really important when you have a bi-racial child to let them know who their grandparents, father, etc., were and are. The internet is full of information and you can also start questioning relatives to find out more about the family's past history. Kids today really want to know where they come from. I suggest you consider taking up a genealogy course and find out some of the roots on both sides of the family. Then make up a really nice family album (with hopefully pictures) and some stories about past relatives. I ALSO MEANT TO ADD make your child feel very special that they have two races in them and that the average family is pretty darn boring! My Goddaughter is now 17 years old and is part Asian/Caucasian and I've taught her all about her Asian background and urged her mother to get pictures from her Great Aunt in Hong Kong (only living relative) before she passes on. I urged my Goddaughter to take classes in Mandarin, etc., and she's enjoyed it and I made sure she knew she was very fortunate to have two races in her (more exciting) and to get to know the Asian side of her family history. She is now a well-adjusted and satisfied young woman and speaks Chinese, Mandarin as well as English. Good luck God Bless Marcy Yes, and another way would be to accept whichever race he or she identifies with more. It may be that your child identifies more with your husband's race. Remember this IS fine! They are half of you and half of him. Do not chastize them because they identify more with the other race. This will make them develop a complex about themselves. For example: If mom is African-American and Dad is White. You have two children, Girl and Boy. The Boy identifies with both races and the girl identifies mostly with the white race. This is OK. She may express that she wants straight silky hair instead of fluffy bouncy curls. She may always pick out the blond hair blue eyed dolls over the dolls that look like her. (brown hair, eyes)... This is fine too! Remember that she has your husband's genes inside of her too. Buy the dolls that she likes, but always remember to follow the example and advice of the answer above mine. Always keep her deeply rooted in the family history. Make her proud of who she is. And she will make you proud one day!

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Q: How do you help your bi-racial child to accept who he or she is?
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