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You can find the correct firing order for your 1987 Mercury cougar at, it is a website dedicated to the cougar and thunderbird.

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Q: How do you hook up the spark plug wires to the distrbutor cap on a 1987 Mercury Cougar?
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How do you re locate a distrbutor in s10 2.8 blazer?

it is behind the air cleaner with all the spark plug wires coming out it

How do you change the spark plugs and spark plug wires on a 2002 Mercury Cougar with a 2.5L V6?

Straight forward job but be careful on replacing the plugs as they are deep also remember which lead goes where

Will 96 mustang plug wires fit on a 96 mercury cougar with same engine?

They will if it's the 3.8 L - V6 engine ( Motorcraft WR 4099 - part number ) The 4.6 L in the Mustang and Cougar take different spark plug wire sets ( Motorcraft WR 5938 for the Mustang ) ( Motorcraft WR 5935 for the Cougar ) The spark plug wire set for the Cougar has some longer wires in it )

How do you change an ignition coil for 99 mercury cougar?

When changing an ignition coil on a 1999 Mercury Cougar, it is very important that all of the spark plug wires are put back on exactly as they were taken off. A set of markers will help to identify what wire goes where. Take off each spark plug wire one at a time and place it in the same position on the new coil. Before taking the wires off it will help to color code them with markers.

Will timing be off removing distrbutor cap?

As long as you put the spark plug wires back on the new distributor cap in the PROPER ORDER , no , it would not effect the engine timing

Where do the spark plug wires go in a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

You fail the mention which engine, so I will assume it is a V6: Look here:

Why does my mercury cougar stall in reverse?

Your Mercury Cougar might stall in reverse because of a problem with a bad crank sensor. This problem could also be due to the crank sensor wires which are damaged or not wired correctly.

How do you fix a burnt out 1991 Mercury Cougar headlight?

If the lightbulb itself is burnt out on a 1991 Mercury Cougar then just replace the light. If it is the wiring that is the problem then find the burnt wires and cut them. Replace them with new wiring.

Why does your 88 mercury marquis miss when driving?

Start with the ign. wires and the spark plugs.

Where are the plugs in a 1995 Mercury Villager?

Screwed into the engine. Follow the spark plug wires.

What else could be wrong other than the alternator or battery on a 2000 mercury cougar?

wires, connecters, terminals

What spark plugs and plug wires for a 1999 mercury 90 hp outboard engine?

The 1999 model, 90 hp Mercury outboard requires an NGK BUHW-2 spark plug, standard plug wires are acceptable.

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