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You can idenify the years that your firearm was produced by serial# and model #, there are websites that will support your curiosity. One of them being Hope this will help you out.

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Q: How do you identify when a gun was made?
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Identify some of the steamboats made and their cargo?

gun powder,variety of clothes

How do you identify a foreign gun?

Features and maker. I have a w.w.greener, serial # 20367, English made.

How do you identify a gun by serial number?

It would be almost impossible to identify a gun just by its serial number.

What is the value of a JC Higgins bb gun model 1915 like new in box with perfect decals?

If this is a BB gun, then there are numbers associated with it. They start with 799 or 126. I need these numbers to Identify who made the rifle and it will also Identify the model.

How can you identify whether your gun is a trap or field gun?

By maker information.

What year was the daisy bb gun j258320 made in?

Please state the model not the serial number and I will try to identify it for you.

What year was serial number 25703 browning special skeet edition made?

What is the model of this gun. That number alone does not identify a complete serial number for a skeet gun

Age of a gun?

The age of a gun will depend on what kind of gun it is. If you are unable to identify the gun, take it to a gunsmith or gun collector for an appraisal.

Identify gun for serial?

Basically impossible to identify with just the serial number.

Where can you identify a pistol?

Books, gun shows, gun shops, pawn shops.

What numbers identify the year of gun on the bottom of the receiver of a browning belgium made 12guage magnum?

The number before the "V"

727061 is the serial number in your gun how can you put it in to figure out what the gun is?

No. You should take it to a gun dealer to help identify it.

If you have a gun serial number can you find the name the gun is under?

No. It's best to take it to a gun shop to help identify it.

How do you identify a gun?

By model, caliber and serial number.

How to identify a colt 45 revolver?

Library, gun shop, gun show, pawn shop

What is gun powder made of?

Gun powder is made from Gun powder

How do you identify a gun with no marking?

Gunsmiths, gun collectors, gun-oriented internet forums, you might find someone at the gun show who'll know something about it.

Can anyone identify this mystery air rifle calibered gun with a10--00000 accuracy? does not support images so there is no way to see or identify your air gun.

How do you identify an old gun?

look at it. if it looks old then its old.

Who made a 16 gauge single shot side hammer shot gun number L46585?

Virtually impossible to identify a firearm just by the serial number.

Can you use a bb to identify the gun that shot it?

On the outside edge of possible.

How do you identify customers?

Customers are the people with the money in their hands. If they have a gun they are robbers.

What year has registration no L571536 bb gun?

You need to Identify the make and model of the BB gun in order to get an answer not the serial number

When was the pumpmaster 7500 BB gun made?

This BB gun was made by WHO?

What year was the daisy bb gun model 1894 made?

Daisy has made about 8 different variations of the model 1894. Unless you can identify the exact model it is not possible you give you a date, However the first model was made in 1954