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How do you ignore guys when they talk to you without being rude?


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smile politely and remain quiet or appear to have no interest in the conversation.

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It depends on the reason one is being ignored. To simply ignore someone does not automatically equate to rudeness, but it can be rude in certain cases, so, again, it depends.

The first thing you can do, is evaluate the situation. Are you rude? If you are, you should stop being rude. If you aren't ignore the comment.

No. They are actually being rude and disrespectful. Ignore a boy who stares.

Just ignore them completely and seem like life without them is better.. Then they will see how happy you are without them and want to become friends again so they apologize.

He is being rude and crude and I would ignore him or tell him off.

Girls do not like it when you dismiss their opinions, ignore them, or when you are rude to them. They also tend to personal likes and dislikes that you should pat attention to if you are in a relationship with them.

straight out! IM a girl! and i like MULTIPUL GUYS and i think i IGNORE them im not RUDE to them i just dont talk to them bcuz i get EXTEMLY nervous! And im almost 14 haha hope this helps

Never say own, for starters. And without being rude? Be honest, tell them what you think and how you feel about the situation, but don't be cocky about it. Be calm, reasonable, and down-to-earth.

Because your rude to it or have offended it in some way.

just say politely could you please be nice, and if that does not work just ignore him/her or tell their mother or father.

Because he wants to act cool and make it seem if he doesn't like you, unless he knows you know he likes you, then he's just doing it to act tough. ________________________________________________________________________ Guys are often uncomfortable with feelings. It is easier to be rude than to deal with it. Also he might just not like you. People always say that guys are rude to girls they like, so girls think that when a guy is rude to them it means they like them. Guys know that girls think this. So they can be rude to an insipid girl, then she will put up with his abuse, thinking "He really just likes me." When actually they are just being a stupid girl who is being manipulated. If someone is rude to you it doesn't matter if they like you or not. They are being rude. Have some self respect and don't assume you have to put up with abuse to get affection.

You tell her the truth, without being rude or immature.

because its common sence to a man to do so

Well, first of all you dont have to be rude with girls, but if you still want to do it. just ignore her.-Tom Hicks

Emphatically no! - We will just assume you are a) being rude and obnoxious or b) don't like us Which I presume is not the desired result.

just be nice and tell her the truth that she is being rude and she might understand and stop being rude

A dirty joke. Actually, jokes can be rude without being dirty. Joking about race, nationality, handicap, or sexual orientation can be rude, even if there are no references to sexuality nor bodily functions.

Everybody does sometimes. :(

That is definetely 100% possible. I know there are plenty of guys out there who are either rude to a girl or just plain ignore her but on the inside they are absolutely crazy for her.

Being IgnoredThere are many reasons one person would ignore another. One of those reasons is that the person being ignored is being rude or obnoxious. It's not so much that they are ignoring you; they are ignoring the behavior that you are displaying. If the behavior changes, being ignored might change, but the more a person displays that type of behavior, the more difficult it will be to get people to pay attention to you. Another reason people ignore other people is the opposite of that. The person ignoring the other person is being rude. It could be that person does not like the other person, is having a bad day, or any number of other reasons.

It is hard to tell someone their breath stinks sometimes their feelings will get hurt or theyact like your being rude or maybe even you feel like your being rude but if you can ignore it, that is probably the way to go. If it is so bad you can not ignore it pass them a mint or act like something stinks and maybe even ask them if they smell it and then check your breath and then maybe that will get them to check their breath also.

Im not talking to you are being rude and unless u stop being rude im going to leae and slap u

If rude behavior is one-off, ignore it. If rudeness persists, try one of these:continue to ignore her behavior (takes nerves of steel)respond in matter of fact manner each timetell her how her behavior hurts you and ask her not to be rudeAssumption: "you want to handle her not avoid her"

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