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How do you impress a girl?

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  • Seriously, one of the problems of a guy liking a girl and then impressing her is just very ridiculous. Guys, impress her as much as you want, but in the end 99% never works. Just be yourself, put yourself in the girls shoes and relate to what she has. Talk to her normally, don't stare at her, be nice to her AT TIMES and tell some stupid jokes. Cause that's what she likes really. If she needs something give it to her, just not every little thing she asks. Try to get to know her. You'll somehow be great friends. And in the end, you know each other so much you'll have a moment where both of you fall in love
  • First of all if you are real, let me say that I'm glad there's someone out there, like you who are focus on how to impress a girl. You can do a lot, because us girls loves walk in the beach, conversation about anything , candle lite, get to know her about her likes and dislikes, what makes her happy or sad. If you can do this and really mean it, this girl will start liking you.
  • Now I have one question to you and believe me this always happen, not just a myth. If for some odd reason she becomes amazed towards you and she already told you that she likes you a lot, will you continue to impress her, make her feel special in all the things she do, always tell her how much you appreciated her personality. Or will you stop because you already got her heart? My advice to you, if you are sincere don't stop impressing her, or else you might loose her in the future. My own personal experience, the man I married becomes comfortable with our life, and he stop impressing me or makes me feel special in his eyes, why? because he knows he already have me, so he didn't bother to check how our relationship is...
  • Girls hate it when a guy tries to be different. Just be yourself. If she really likes you then she won't judge you. If she doesn't date you then you know she wasn't the right girl for you.
  • It completely depends on the girl and what she is interested in. So, get to know her and go from there.
  • First make friends with her(it's a good excuse) and invite her to hangout at your house. Then when she comes over then show her all the best things in your house then start playing truth or dare with her. Ask her a whole bunch of flirty questions and put a few good sincere ones in between. Then ask her if you can kiss her.
  • I want to suggest you five simple ways, I am sure if you have these qualities then you will be success to impress a girl....
1- Speak Loud

2-Take Up Space

3- Maintain Eye Contact

4-Have Fun

5- convey your Intent

  • Every guy, who wonders how to impress a girl, should pay attention to the following alpha personalities. Confidence is the essence of a man. If a man doesn't have self-confidence, he won't be able to impress a girl. Girls usually have a better antenna than guys and they can sense whether a guy has faith
  • Be hot and be romantic or sporty be sweet, funny, romantic an be yourself
  • Act cool work out for about 3 months and get at least 3 abbs but if you want to make her jealous then go out with another girl. If it dissent work snog the girl in front of the girl you want to impress and if no one goes out with you then just use my idea and hit the gym if you don't want to go to the gym then look nice! like shave your hair, shave beard or mustache, dress smart and wear lynx.
  • Show her your interested first like last year when i was 14 this kid was mates with my mate and she gave him my number first he gave me compliments then he started saying good things bout himself like how fast a runner he was etc find out what she likes than try and work with it to impress her and that is where he went wrong we didn't last more than a week and a half that's why I'm single you see no one has tried to impress me so i haven't been bother to even try with boys
  • Flowers, box of chocolates, even something as simple as being yourself can impress someone. don't worry yourself or try to act like someone else. they like real people, and they know when you aren't being real. trust me, I've been through enough relationships to know.
  • I'm a girl and we LOVE it when boys hang around you listen to you stick up for you and are NOT afraid to be with you near their friends.
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How do you get a girl to say hi?

impress her but then how do u impress her?

How do you impress a girl at tutions?

you can impress her to show your intelligency

How does a guy impress a girl?

To impress a girl you have got to be yourself, smile at her, be nice to her and just be sweet.

How to get a girl to go out with you who already has a boyfriend?

tell her you can treat her better then he can. over do him. impress impress impress.

How can impress a girl?

First of all, if you use proper English then that can impress a girl. Secondly, you impress a girl if you just be yourself, if the girl can't accept that then move on and find someone new! Good luck! :D

How do you impress girl if i am not handsome?

1. confidence, you can impress every girl dosnt matter you are handsome or not :D

How do you impress your crush in PE?

Impress a girl: be really amazing at whatever your doing Impress boy: be cute

How do you impress the girl you want to like you?

If you can play a nice song to her then that would impress her.

How should you impress a girl who loves someone else?

say to the girl your boyfriend has been cheating on you and after impress her and ask her out simple.

Can black boy impress white girl?

yes, a black boy impress a white girl if he has positive nature and atitude

How To Impress the girl?

buy her roses

How do you impress my girl friend?

With my manlihood.

How do you impress girl in Hindi language?


Why do boys take their shirts off?

To get a tan, to be cooler, to impress a girl, to impress a guy.

How to impress a girl who is ur childhood friend?

You can impress you childhood friend by treating her well.

What to do when a girl rejects?

try to impress that girl to make me accept

How do you impress a 15 years old girl?

To impress any girl of any age, you must treat her with respect and kindness. To really impress a girl you have to show her you were thinking about her and went the extra mile. For example, if she mentions a band she really likes make her a CD. Also, compliments impress girls.

How do you impress a girl that can be kind of controlling and bipolar at times and military type fierce?

That is hard to impress a girl like this but i will keep you updated with me and my gurl

How does an 11 year old boy impress an 12 year old girl?

the same way you impress any girl. by showing off

How to impress a strange girl within 1.5 month?

To impress a strange girl within months find out what she is interested in and ask her to do something she enjoys.

What should a girl do to impress a guy?

You shouldn't try to impress anyone. A guy should accept you as you are.

How Can You Impress A Girl In Middle School?

be yourself

This a question for the guys how can a girl impress you?

ask them out

How do you impress a girl if you are fat?

Have lots of money.

How do you impress a Gothic girl?

Invite her to a concert.