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Divorce is messy and hurtful at best and there is no way of sparing your wife's feelings on this one. If your assets (house(s),car(s), property, etc., are all included and you both are amicable as how to divide it up, then both of you see the same lawyer. I suggest you take a list as to how you want to divide properties, business investments and monies between the two of you. The lawyer will write up the document as to whom gets what, both of you will sign, it will go through the courts and divorce is granted. I can't honestly say how long this process will take through the courts (neither of you need appear and your lawyer can represent you) because the courts are extremely busy. There is another way you can do this. I live in Canada, but there are brochures (with forms) from anything to starting your own business to a divorce. You both can do this on your own. In the brochure it will explain what to do and what instiutions of law you need to go too. You yourself can fill out all the forms and do the leg work and all your wife has to do is sign on the dotted line WITH WITNESS! The witness should be a friend of yours and a friend of hers. You can also get the lawyer and his secretary to sign. However, if you have a great deal of assets it's adviseable to seek out a lawyer. Sorry to hear you are both divorcing. Marcy

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Q: How do you initiate divorce without causing much emotional turmoil to your wife?
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