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You should not need a booster fan on a furnace. If the duct system is properly designed there will be no need for the booster fan. If the system is not designed properly, you would be better off replacing it with a properly designed system.

Actually, this doesn't answer the question. There is no way to know if he/she needs a booster fan without looking at the system. You can get very clear directions with photos at the following site:,,DIY_13894_2274829,00.htm

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Q: How do you install a booster fan on a furnace?
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you can leave your furnace fan run continuos, it helps even the heat in the house, it also helps with condensation on windows.

Can a two-stage AC furnace be converted into a variable speed dc furnace without buying a new furnace?

With the information provided, I would say no, not for a novice. But it can be done. A new furnace would be cheaper than my fees to change it...pkazsr Elementshvac: Ask your heating contractor for a Green Ecm motor upgrade. We install quite a few of them. It essentially converts your furnace fan to a DC variable speed furnace.

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