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It's not that hard to install a hard drive if you are handy with tools and repairs. But there are a few things you need to know.

IDE Interface cable:

The IDE cable is flat, usually gray, about 2" wide and has three plugs on it. The plugs are 40-pin connectors. One end plugs into the motherboard, and might be blue. You don't have to worry about that end, just leave it where it is. At the extreme other end of the IDE cable, opposite the mother board is the PRIMARY DRIVE (MASTER) connector. Then there is a plug in the middle that is the SECONDARY DRIVE (SLAVE) connector. The MASTER connector on the end might be black, and the SLAVE connector in the middle may be gray. Make sure the MASTER connector is plugged into the Master hard drive. I've heard people say that it really doesn't matter, but I've experienced that it does. I had my drives plugged in wrong, and my hard drive kept crashing.

Jumper Block, Jumper

At the back of the hard drive is what is called a Jumper Block. The Jumper Block has a little, tiny plug in it that connects two of the pins. Depending upon where the little, tiny plastic plug is plugged into, determines whether the drive set up as the Master or Slave. There are 4 possible settings depending upon whether there is only 1 drive on the IDE cable or two drives plugged into the IDE cable. The 4 settings are:

  • Cable Select - (Usually the default setting) The jumper plug is usually all the way to one side nearest the power supply plug. If your system supports "Cable Select", then the system determines which will be the Master and which will be the Slave.
  • Master - For when two drives share the same IDE Cable. The hard drive that is booting up your computer should be the Master.
  • Slave - Also for two drives
  • Single - The jumper plug is not present. For one drive on the IDE Cable.

1) Take the hard drive with Windows '98 out of the old PC.

Remove the cover.

Unplug the power supply

Unplug the IDE cable

Unplug any other wires

Remove the screws on both sides of the hard drive

Slide the old hard drive out.

2) Change the jumpers on the w98 drive to indicate SLAVE (exact jumper configuration varies by make and model of hard drive)

You will need something like tweezers or something very small to get the jumper out. The jumper is usually a little piece of white or black plastic, and it's very small.

Sometimes the hard drive will have letters stamped into the metal to indicate which is the Master and which setting is the Slave.

3) Verify the jumpers on the XP drive indicates Master or Single/Master (Single only will not work).

The hard drive in the new computer probably will already have the jumper plugged into the Master slot.

4) Put the old drive into an open slot in the new PC and secure it with screws

5) Connect the open connector from the same cable as the existing hard drive of the new PC.

Most computers have two IDE cables. Each of the cables has two plugs on it.

6) Boot up the new PC

7) In Windows Explorer you should see your old W98 drive now as either D-drive or E-drive. In my computer, my second hard drive shows up as F: drive because I also have two CD burners.

8) In Windows Explorer you can copy or move files to your new drive. I like to right click the Start button, and choose "Explore" as a fast way to get into Windows Explorer.

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Yes, just format your Hard Drive and install a fresh copy of Windows.

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Boot with Windows install disk and follow instructions. Recommend unplugging Linux hard drive if you plan to dual-boot.

How do I reinstall Windows when it came with my computer and I have no disk?

floppy farst boot drive and install window

Can you install 2 different windows on one computer?

It's called dule boot, you want to partition your hard drive in half, or how ever big you want them to be then you install your first windows on the first part of your hard drive, then you do the same thing but install it to the second hard drive.

How can you see the hard drive from another computer?

You can plug it into the other computer or install a virtual windows program onto both computers.

Is it possible to install Windows XP on a system that does not have a CD-ROM drive or other optical drive?

Yes, if the computer is connected to a network there are options for installing Windows that way.

How do you install Windows 98 start up disk to upgrade from Windows 95?

Put the Windows 98 disk in the CD drive and reboot the computer. This should take you through the steps necessary to install 98.

How do you install Windows 7 x64 after installing Windows 7 x86?

Assuming that your computer support x64, just get a 64-bit installation disc from your manufaturer and install it. (Alternatively, you can download the ISO for it online and install it to a few DVDs or a flash drive)

Is it possible to install windows xp on a computer that does not have a CD-rom or other optical deviceand how would you do it?

You can install it from a flash drive or through network.

Is there any way to copy Windows from a computer onto a CD My dads computer came with Windows on it but no CD was included. I on the otherhand don't have a Windows CD and need one.Thanks in advance?

Frist you make a Backup of you Windows into anthor drive. Than you transfer you backup in you dads computer.Than In you father computer you formate a drive which contain you father windows. But rember it when you transfer backup in you father computer,transfer in anthor drive EXAMPAL d,e,f drive ect.Than install you window from the drive where you transfer the backup & there is solution of you problem. Note: If you want just windows backup. then just install Norton ghost and create ghost disk.

How do you install Windows 98 on to a slave drive hard disk D in a 2 hard disk system that already has Windows XP. I want to install Windows 98 on to the slave drive D .?

if u have winxp on the master hd, just boot ur computer from a 98boot disk and install win98 on the slave. the computer should automatically configure itself for dual boot.

You have windows vista installed if you remove and install a new hard drive can you put windows xp on it?

Yes. Actually, there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP on it as well. Note: Yes, you can there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP. and also you can install both opreting system single computer. XP and vista both.

Can you install windows XP with Windows Vista in same computer?

You DO NOT have to wipe your hard drive or "downgrade" to run windows XP on a vista computer. Download and install Microsoft Virtual PC. its free and will allow you to run another operating system in a window of the current one you are running. You can have both!

How do you remove a bogus copy of windows x p and install a window 98 original?

Insert your Windows 98 CD and reboot your computer. Begin the Windows 98 setup process. It will tell you that it does not recognize the filesystem on the hard drive, and will ask you to reformat it. Do so. It will then format the hard drive and reboot the computer. Start the setup program again, and follow the on-screen prompts to install Windows 98.

How do you install winddows sp to a flash drive?

put your flash drive in the computer and boot the windows CD when the setup come and asks about partitioning use the directory of your flash drive

How do you install Windows 98 without a CD?

I am sorry, you can't. It is not possible. There is a way if you have an image of the drive that had windows 98 on it but it would have had to come off the computer you are transfering the image to. The PID is what windows needs to correctly runn on another hard drive.

How do you install Windows 7 on a netbook?

All new netbooks come with Windows 7 Starter already installed. To install Windows 7 on a netbook with a previous version of Windows installed you get the Windows 7 CD and insert it into an external disk drive you have installed on your computer. Then follow the installation instructions.

When you start up your computer it runs the check disk for errors for hours and never starts up?

You probably need a new hard drive, since it is likely failing. If you replace the hard drive, you've have to install Windows on the new drive. You could try transferring data off of the old one, but chances are, you won't be able to recover it.

Can Linux operating system be replaced by windows?

Yes, as long as you have a Windows installation or restoration disc and valid license key. Just boot your computer from the Windows disc, reformat the hard drive, and install Windows.

How do you install Windows XP on an external hard drive?

You'd do it the same way you would install windows on an internal hard drive. Nothing really changes.

How can you prevent someone from reinstalling windows on your laptop?

Find a computer where you can add a password in the bios. Doing so, you can setup your bios to boot from hard drive first before booting from the DVD drive. No windows install DVD will be able to re install windows since the hard drive will boot first.Then, in windows, setup you account as admin and add a password for it if there is no password. Setup a guest account for other windows users. That's it.

How do you install Linux on windows operating system?

If you would like to install it ON TOP of Windows: Install a virtual machine program (ex. Virtualbox, VMware) Install Linux inside of virtual machine Install it along side (or overwrite) Windows: Reboot computer with Linux install CD/DVD in the disk drive and follow the instructions.

Can you turn an external hard drive into a flash drive what i want to do is install windows 7 on my 1tb external and plug it into any computer that i am around and run my windows with all my programs?

Yes you can, when the computer is booting up open the boot menu and choose the external as your boot device, i have a external hard drive with Ubuntu on it and do exactly that, I'm sure it can work with windows.

How many ways are there to install windows 7 and what are they?

You can install Windows 7 from optical drive (CD, DVD), hard drive (a local copy), network or USB device.