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How do you install a heater core in Chev pickup truck?

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I just replaced the heater core in my 95 S-10 and it was a pain in the butt. You have to first take off all the lower panels of the dash. Mainly all screws are 9/32 and there are four that are star bits(not sure of what size). after all the lower panels are gone, remove the bolts that hold the steering colum on and lower that down then find all screws that hold the dash to the fire wall, should be like 4 total and the 2 lower bolts where the dash pivots on the pins. after that, just disconnect all connections behind the dash that keep you from removing it and pull the dash out of the truck. once your back there, just take off the screws to the heater core housing and loosen and remove the hoses under the hood going to the heater pipes. Then just unstrap the heater core and replace. Sounds simple but its not. There are hidden screws behind the speaker grilles and defroster vent on top of the dash and always make sure you reconnect all connections including the main power block on the passengers side behind the dash.

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Built into the alternator.

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if its the clicking I'm thinking of its the actuator for the vent door. try shutting off everything off in the heater/a/c system for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on. that usually stops it for me.

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With a 4.3L engine, the oil pressure sending unit is in the back of the engine just to the drivers side of the distributor.

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Some of the late model trucks do not have a drain.If your truck has one,it will be on the drivers side on the bottom.If you find o hole with no drain,then you dont have one.

Where is the Chev cobalt block heater?

The block heater is installed under the exaust manifold. It does not go INTO the coolant. It's a "clamp on" style heater. It heats the coolant by heating the block where there is a coolant passage. To install it, you'll need to remove the head shield from the exaust manifold (3 screws). The heater is secured using 1 bolt.

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