How do you install a muffler?

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Depending on your car this is pretty easy.

First you need to raise the rear end of the vehicle about 24 inches and rest it on sturdy jack-stands. (Never work under any vehicle supported only by its jack.) Make sure you are on firm ground or a concrete slab so the jack-stands will not shift. Choke the front tires so they can't roll when the rear end is up in the air. Jack up the rear of the vehicle on one side and place a stand under a solid part of the chassis but out of the way of your work. Lower the vehicle onto the stand, making adjustments as the stand takes the whole weight of the vehicle. Repeat for the other side. For safety, put the spare tire under the tire of the side you're working under, in case of a jack-stand failure.

There's probably going to be a U-bolt or some kind of piece holding the intake side of the muffler to the pipe. I would recommend first going to Auto Zone or another parts dealer and telling exactly what kind of car you have.

Generally the people that work there will actually go and look under your car and see for themselves. There are different size openings on mufflers so you MAY want to measure both holes on the muffler just to have that extra info. You probably wont need it. Mufflers usually cost less than $20 or so.

Once you get it home just take that U-bolt off, slide the old one out, slide the new one on, clamp the u-bolt back and your done. There may be another bracket that keeps the very back of the muffler off the ground so that will need to be put back also. You may need a new tailpiece for your muffler if its rusty. This is one of those simple repairs that is really fundamental. I have seen some crazy ones that have housings over them and the exhaust, but that is a different story.

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Q: How do you install a muffler?
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Which direction do you install a muffler that has an A arrow and a B arrow?

muffler, what direction do you install arrow A and B ?The A - B are direction of flow for the exhaust. If this is an aftermarket muffler. The muffler should be installed with the "A" towards the engine, and the "B" towards the rear of the vehicle.Read more:

How do you install a catalytic converter?

My advice it to have this done at a muffler shop.

How do you install a catalytic converter on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

It's welded in like a muffler. Any muffler shop can do it for you.

How much would it cost to install a universal muffler?

for about 60 bucks.

How do you change a catalytic converter on a 1984 Nissan Sentra?

The install is the same as a muffler. A muffler shop can do it cheaper than anyone else.

How do you install exuast pipe in a 1985 camaro pipe from cat to muffler?

on a hoist

How do you install muffler on Briggs and stratton mower engine?

a manul to show me the way to do it

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My advice it to have this done at a muffler shop.

How do I replace the muffler on my vehicle?

There is a way that you can install the muffler without damage to your car. I am going to offer you a link below to a YouTube video to help solve your problem. In the video, the man gives you step by step instructions on how to install your own muffler.

How do you Rear brakes replace on 04 Honda reflex?

Remove the muffler (don't remove the exhaust pipe or the muffler joint band, just twist the muffler off). Remove the caliper housing. Remove the brake pads. Twist the caliper back into the body (large screwdriver or tire iron twisting to the right and pushing at the same time). Install new pads (making sure that they seat right. Re-Install the caliper housing. Re-Install the muffler.

What is a fair price to replace a muffler for 97 Ford Escort?

$105 install with a lifetime warntery 105

How do you install a muffler has a A and B on the ends for a 1990 Chevy full size g20?

a side goes to engine

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