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You will need to know; firing order, #1 cylinder location, and have a assistant. Get a basic repair manual from library to look up these things. Remove #1 spark plug from engine. Place your thumb over the hole. Have assistant crank engine over until compression is felt on your thumb; this is close to TDC or top dead center. Grab onto belt and nudge engine over until timing pointer is aligned with O or TDC on engine dampner. This is near perfect TDC. Now take and insert distributor into engine so that the #1 spark plug wire terminal on the distributor cap aligns with the rotor inside distributor. If it does not pull up distributor and reinsert till it does. Tighten everything and it should fire right up. Now you can fine tune with a timing light.

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2005-09-25 02:50:35
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Q: How do you install a new distributor in a 351 Ford Windsor engine that the old one has been taken out of before you got it?
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How do you install mopar small block distributor?

get #1 cylinder on top dead center and then put the distributor rotor bug a hair before the #1 plug wire on the distributor and drop in down into the engine and all should be fine.

How do you install 1993 eclipse distributor 1.8 engine?

Easy....Read the manual.

How do you find out if my 91 bronco engine is a windsor or Cleveland?

If I remember correctly the 351 Windsor has a vertically mounted thermostat that is mounted in the end of the intake manifold The 351 Cleveland thermostat is mounted horizontally in the engine block by the distributor

What is the firing order distributor cap?

We need to know the year, make and engine size yo 1992 ford Windsor 351

What is a Ford windsor 5 liter engine?

windsor 5litre engine is same as windsor 302 ci engine

How do you reset distributor on a ford 50 motor after engine is cranked without distibutor installed?

You need to manually rotate the engine and set the number one cylinder at Top Dead Center (TDC) before re-insalling the distributor. Hopefully, you made a mark on the distributor that relates its position to the engine in orde to re-install it as it was. If you forgot to make a mark, try to remember in which direction the rotor was pointing before you removed the distributor (assuming the engine was at TDC) and re-install it as close as you can. At TDC, the rotor normally points toward the number one spark plug wire post. Follow the firing order sequence from there.

How do you install a hei distributor and where should the rotor cap point?

It all depends on where the engine is stopped when you pull the old distributor. It's easiest if you turn the engine to #1TDC BEFORE you pull the old distributor, then put the new distributor in and make sure it's pointing at #1 when you put it in. The most important part is the timing. Make sure all of the wires go in the same place and that the NEW distributor is aligned exactly the same as the old one.

How do you install an electronic distributor in a 2000 S-10 blazer with 4.3 V6 engine?

If it has coil packs, you can't.

Does 1993 colt 1.5 to install a distributor Does 1 need to TC on compression stroke?

Turn the engine until the #1 plug is at TDC on the compression stroke. Mark the distributor at that location. Install the new distributor and turn until you are at the exact same location. Have the timing checked after you get it started.

How do you install 1979 Ford 351m distributor?

I'm putting a distributor in my 79 ford 351 modified 400 351 crank but 400 big block .. i know it is off of time and the timing chain is still good .. but how do i time the 1st cylinder with the distributor . how do i get it firing in order ? The firing order of the 351 Cleveland, 351 Windsor, and 400 are all the same at 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 Rotor turns counterclockwise. Get the #1 piston, which is the piston on the front of the engine passenger side, at top dead center, (TDC) on the compression stroke. Turn the rotor on the distributor to the #1 spark plug on the distributor cap and insert the distributor into the engine. Time the engine with a timing light.

Where to install oil pressure switch on Chevy silverado 1500?

The oil pressure switch is located at the back of the engine next to the distributor. Looking at it from the front of truck it will be right of distributor. Normally it can be changed without removing the distributor.

Just put in dist engine wont fire but does pop back in carb if you want to start all over what do you do?

Remove all spark plugs, turn the engine by hand and get the #1 spark plug at TDC on the compression stroke. Install the distributor so the rotor is pointing to the # 1 plug position on distributor cap. Start the engine and set the time it with a timing light.Remove all spark plugs, turn the engine by hand and get the #1 spark plug at TDC on the compression stroke. Install the distributor so the rotor is pointing to the # 1 plug position on distributor cap. Start the engine and set the time it with a timing light.

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