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How do you install a passenger side window in a 1988 VWfox 4 dr you have never done it before and you are a girl.please help?

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2007-06-27 18:14:39

Never done a VW Fox but sure this will apply. Remove the inside

door panel. Arm rest if any, the window crank, the panel should pop

off, but check the lower corners for screws. Once the panel is off,

there may be a sheet of plastic on the door, this can be pulled

off, if it tears, no big deal, just a dust shield. There should be

either a slot, or two holes that will allow you to access the bolts

holding the window in. Raise and lower the window till you can see

them. Probably when the window is about half way up. If you look at

the new window you will see where these bolts are located. They may

be directly in the glass, or there may be a metal bar attached to

the bottom of the window. You will probably need to remove the back

guide that the window slides in to get the new one in. Should be

one bolt top and bottom holding the track in. Once the window is

secured to the crank assembly, replace the back track and replace

door panel, etc. While you are in there, spray the track where the

arm that raises the window rides and the crank assembly.

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