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You've got to find the studs. The hot and cold water feeds have to be anchored with brackets to the studs somewhere. It would be nice to have studs, but you can use toggle bolts. The pedestal holds up the bowl. Pedestals are hard to install, though. I would call a plumber on this one. The purpose of a sink on a pedestal is normally twofold: One main one is to provide the support for it -- many models even are located far away from walls, even in the center of a room. (The sink bowl get connected to the pedestal, the pedestal to the ground). The other is for the pedestal to act as a cover for the Plumbing. (Agreeably some made today are more decorative than functional). If you really need to secure anything to a wall using the studs (heavy mirrors a common example), and the studs are off-center, simply secure a strong piece of wood or metal (a bridge or cross-member) between the studs (external on wall is fine), and then place the thing anywhere you need to it.

2007-02-15 15:14:25
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Q: How do you install a pedestal sink securely to the wall in the bathroom if you are having trouble finding the studs in a plaster wall?
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