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How do you install a radio?

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You will need to get a wire harness kit that is made for the type of stereo that you have and the car you drive. For instance, I have a 2003 Honda civic. The 2003 Honda civic is equiped with an Aiwa brand stereo stock. I'm not sure if this is for all civics, but for the 2003 Civic they installed Aiwa brand (my 2004 Suzuki Aero is equipped with a Clarion stock). Now, If I were to buy an Aiwa brand stereo wiring would be no problem, I would unplugg the old stock stereo and install the new one, but i hate Aiwa and I wanted to install a kenwood. Now I have two choices, 1) Buy any kenwood wiring kit and splice the wires (cut the old wires and cob job the rest, which I later found out take time and practice) or 2)buy an expensive hard to find Aiwa to Kenwood wiring adapter ($100 or more). I decided to splice the wires. Luckily my brother knows how to do this and he did it for me, but he told me that he ruined about three stereos before becoming a pro at it. The best thing to do is unplug your car battery, but since he was an expert we skipped that part. Also, air bags can explode if you were to short a wire. I did it myself on my Suzuki with success with out unpluging the battery. Just make sure you can read a wire chart and always connect the power wire last (keep your car off). Now the next step is to get the stereo chasis to fit. The best thing is to look at other cars of your type and see how they were installed and look. Every stereo is installed and will look different. The Civic and the Suzuki stereos are connected to a curved molded dashboard so I had to be creative. Flip face stereos seem to be the best because the hide into the dash. Other stereos will stick out a bit. .

first you need to determin the vehicle and radio type.

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You can install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio, but if you're not good with car electronics you may want to have someone else install them for you.

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The Arkon SR033 is a easy to install easy to use satellite radio mount.

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I am trying to re install my radio in my 65' corvette with air cond. What a pain. Still can't get it in. Any tips out there?

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Connect the wiring harness on the back of your new radio. Slide the radio into the radio slot. Tighten down the radio retaining screws.

You already have a car radio how do you get satellite radio?

You have to install a satellite radio (keep your car radio too). Or, if you have one already installed, that's good. P.S. You have to pay for satellite radio.

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Get a radio hardness that fit a Ford Expediton to be able to install the radio to the original Ford Expediton wire hardness.

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you can install a factory radio if you can find one or you can order a direct replacement from a company called biketronics you can find them on line at it is a better radio than the factory one

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To install a Cobra CB radio in a 2010 Chevy Lumina, first disconnect the battery cables. Then mount the CB box and then power the CB radio. Then mount the antennae.

99 Jeep Cherokee radio CD install?

buy a cd/radio conversion kit at walmart

Can aftermarket radio work with GM theftlock?

yes you can install an aftermarket radio in a GM vehicle that is equiped with a theft lock radio. the radio itsel has the theftlock not the car so you can install any aftermarket radio in the car. There may be some other parts that you may need to install an aftermarket radio such as a dash kit, wiring harness and antenna adaptor. If your vehicle is a newer model with Bose and onstar, you may need an integration kit made by PAC-audio.

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