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Assuming it is the same as my '93, i used Allen wrenches to release the little clips that hold the factory unit in. There is a special tool, but I managed to get the clips undone fairly easily. You could also go by a car audio place with the car and they would likely have the tool and help you out. I went to a car audio shop and bought the correct wire harness kit to plug the aftermarket unit in. It's best to kind of have someone around who knows what they are doing, or just have it professionally installed. Sometimes trying to save $50 can cost you more in the long run!

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How do you install an audio deck and remove the original radio in a 1994 Buick century?

Remove the 1994 be a week Century radio decorative cover. Remove the radio retaining screws. Pull the radio out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the radio. Reverse the process to install the new radio.

Radio code for jaguar xj6 1994?

I install a new starter and lost my radio, and i have no code4 it, I have a 1995 XJ6 can anyone help

How do you find the security code for the radio for a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Never knew that there was a security code for the radio, just set the stations etc.

How do you remove a cassette player from a 1994 Holden Apollo so i can install a CD player?

To remove the cassette player from a 1994 Holden Apollo to install a CD player, the first step is to remove the knobs for the radio. They should just pull off. Then locate the screws holding the radio cover. This might require an Allen wrench. Remove the radio, unhook the antenna and speaker wires and then install the CD player.

What is wiring diagram schematic for radio on 1994 lhs with factory amplifier and install instructions for after market radio i get power but no sound?

get on internet: for wiring diagram

What year did the Lincoln town car radio change over from a cassette player to a compact disc player?


What are the release dates for Radio Inside - 1994?

Radio Inside - 1994 was released on: USA: 1994

What is needed to install a new radio in a 1994 Dodge Spirit and is there a installation kit?

To install a radio you need a wiring harness for a 1994 Dodge (a Metra 80-1817 from Circuit City is what I used), and an installation kit (make sure it fits a 1994 Dodge Spirit). You'll probably need to splice the wires from the wiring harness to the stereo harness unless you can get find the right kind of connection somewhere.

How do you install the header panel on a 1994 Lincoln Town Car?

You have to have SOME mechanical ability to work on cars. Simply unbolt it and bolt another one on.

How do you take the radio out of a 1994 Honda Accord?

Go to the link below. The Install Doctor does a good job of documenting radio installs and removals.

What are the release dates for Radio Active - 1994 VG?

Radio Active - 1994 VG was released on: USA: 1994

1994 Lincoln mark VII clutch slipping?

1994 Lincoln Mark VII doesn't exist.

How do you get and reset radio codes for 1994 Hyundai elantra?

How do you get and reset radio codes for 1994 hyundai elantra?

How do you remove and install blower motor on a 1994 Toyota pickup?

how to install a blower motor for a 1994 Toyota pickup

When was Radio Indochine created?

Radio Indochine was created in 1994.

When was Kube Radio created?

Kube Radio was created in 1994.

When did Radio Wolga end?

Radio Wolga ended in 1994.

When was Blast Radio created?

Blast Radio was created in 1994.

When was Radio Pirata created?

Radio Pirata was created in 1994.

When was Radio Inside created?

Radio Inside was created in 1994.

Radio code Holden barina 1994?

Radio Code for Holden Barina SB 1994 model is 4561

How do you install a fuel injector on a 1994 Nissan Maxima?

I'll bite, how do you install a fuel injector on a 1994 Nissan Maxima.

What is fuel tank capacity of 1994 grand marquis?

A replacement tank is 20 gallon. I had a Lincoln town car and it was 20 gallons so I would think that 20 gallons is probably what you have.

Where can you find the radio fuse for your 1994 Toyota Camry?

Your 1994 Toyota Camry radio is equipped with two fuses. There will be an in-line fuse behind the radio. There will also be a radio fuse in the fuse box.

What fuse controls the radio on a 1994 Dakota?

the one labled radio

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