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How do you install a sub amp deck and speakers in a 1991 grand am?


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September 13, 2011 4:48AM

DO NOT DO WHAT HE JUST SUGGESTED! That is the absolute worst install I have ever heard of. Do it the right way and take your time. First get your amp and connect the power, ground, RCA's, and remote turn(blue wire usually) on to it. Then cut the power cable where it meets the fuse holder on the long side of the wire, remove fuse. Mount the amp. Then run all of your wires except for your ground on any side of the car you like, you can run them seperatly but that will just make it harder. There wont be any "static", the only time you would need to run them seperatly is if you were running a 4 channel. Once you've ran the wires close to the firewall, your gonna need to find a gromet that you can run the power wire through to the engine compartment. Now your gonna have to take your radio out which should be pretty simple on that car. Then run the RCA's and the amp turn on wire up to where your radio is. If you have an aftermarket radio your set, if you have a stock radio youll need to get a "line-out converter". If you have a aftermarket deck just plug in the RCA's into the designated holes and just connect the remote wire to the remote turn on wire on the deck. For a stock radio, plug the RCA's into the converter then your gonna need to test your wiring harness for your radio till you find your ACCESSORY wire and tap into that. Then run your power wire through the firewall. Then take the other piece of power wire that has the fuse and connect to battery, and just cut the long end of the power to fit and connect to fuse case. Then hook up the ground. Run the speaker wire to your sub. Put the fuse in the power wire and your done, all you gotta do is tune your amp. If this is very confusing, save up the money and TAKE IT TO A PROFFESIONAL!!!!! If you screw up you could seriously damage your car or start it on fire! This is no joke, you can seriously mess some stuff up. Dont do it like the idiot below.


I cheated on mine and done this. I bought an amp kit and RCA cables at Walmart and an RF modulator at Radio Shack
  1. Disconnect the positive battery cable.
  2. Run your main power wire on the driver side of the car to the trunk.
  3. Hard wire the RF modulator to the rear factory speakers.
  4. Connect the RF modulator via the RCA cable to the amp.
  5. Secure the amp's ground wire somewhere in the trunk.
  6. Hook up amp.
  7. Install new stereo.
  8. Reconnect positive battery cable.

Now, this is quick way to add some bass to a decent factory system, but the remote wire on the amp is an issue. You can make a short jumper wire to go from the positive lead on your amp to the remote lead on your amp and Presto. The bad side is that you have to unplug it when you leave your car or it will run your battery down. I cheated again and used about 10 feet of speaker wire run up to my driver seat as a remote on-off switch so that I wouldn't have to get in the trunk everytime I got in and out of my car.

If you decide to go without the RF modulator and run the RCA cables back up to the new stereo then make sure you run the RCA cables on the passenger side of the car. If you run the power wires and the RCA cables side by side, you will get a lot of static in your stereo.

Good luck and Good Day!!!