How do you install a timing chain tensioner?

Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * The timing chain tensioner is a snap...getting to it is the problem. You have to undo the engine mounts and pivot the engine down, as well as remove the front right fender liner and wheel (possibly remove some suspension components also) to get the cover off. Just disregard that last part if you are already to the point of resetting the timing. If I remember there are two pieces to the tensioner (for a Grand Am anyway), but there were also different models of the same part available from GM, a pivoting assembly with a wheel on the end of it and a bolt to tighten it. Also be careful to put everything back correctly because for some reason GM thinks that the timing chain is a good place to run the water pump off of. * If you are installing the old tensioner you will need to compress the piston on the tensioner slowly with a vise. You will see a hole in whitch you can put a small "pin", line up the holes and slide it in being careful to get all the way through to the other side. Failing to do so could crake the aluminum housing. If you are installing a new one, it should go on the same way you took it off.