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How do you install a video card in a laptop?


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The short answer is that you don't. Laptops are limited in upgradeable parts, typically only memory and hard-drives. Video cards on laptops are not plug in cards like a desktop.


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It depends on the computer model, it would require you to disassemble the laptop swap video cards then reassemble the laptop and this would be likely damage the computer. I too have looked into this.

It depends on the laptop, if it was a custom one then you can change the video card. You need to check with the computer manufacturer.

No you cannot install a new graphics card into a laptop, however if you have a very thick laptop it's very risky but it can be done. A normal laptop however cannot, consider buying a new laptop.

Search for DIY EGPU Its how to connect a desktop graphics card to a laptop.

It depends both on madel and current video card

Are you trying to disable onboard video so you can install a pci video card? If so you have to disable onboard video in your computers bios. Then install your video card in an empty pci slot. Then install the drivers for your pci card in windows.

No, you can't. Laptops have its own ports. If you want to upgrade your laptop video card, you need to make sure that your laptop has proper ports (mini PCI-E). And then get a video card which will fit that port.

You must buy a new video card and follow the instructions as to how to install it.

How do you create a video camra on your toshiba laptop

You cannot replace the video card in a laptop,it is soldered to the motherboard.

A laptop video or graphics card can be purchased at most electronic retail stores or over the internet. Staples and Amazon are good places to purchase them.

install a wireless card on your laptop, and have wireless internet (via modem) in your home

yes through s-video card projector can connect to laptop

You can't -- it's attached to the CPU.

You need to have a video card that is capable of a TV output. If you have this then check the software that came with the card.

It's built into the motherboard.

First, you need to have a wireless router. Second, install an airport card to the laptop.

Yes, just make sure its a pci express video card.

You can upgrade/update your 'Graphic Card' on ANY laptop or computer 'Video Card' = 'Graphic Card' Search 'Video Card' for more help.

no it has 1.32GBvideo memory

Because you did not install the driver or the card was damaged.

You must first remove your current sound card, and depending on what type of laptop you have will determine where it is located, than insert the new sound card usually with the upper label facing up. From there you just install the necessary software provided with the sound card.

Simply install a new video card. The Intel chipset your talking about will figure out an external card was installed. It's that simple.

No, this will not work. Laptop video cards are designed for the laptop they are installed in. They are not removable from the laptop and do not have the same connections that a desktop has anyway.

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