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How do you install a window regulator in a 1995 Hyundai Elantra?

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2015-07-15 21:28:11
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If it's anything like the 1995 Accent, and assuming you'll need to get the old one out, you'll need to remove the door trim panel and water shields, and lower the window glass. Then you'll scribe or paint (or otherwise mark) the two window channel-to-regulator bolts and remove them. Remove the glass by tilting the glass forward while lifting it up (and out) of the opening. Remove the regulator retaining bolts and then slide the regulator (up) out of the opening in the door (where you just took the glass). Slide new regulator in where you just removed old one and secure with retaining bolts. Reverse your steps in putting glass in, make sure it goes into the glass channel studs, making sure the rear edge of the glass is the same distance from the rear channel bolt hole as before (you removed the glass). Replace weather stipping and trim.

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Which regulator and what year? You have a window regulator, voltage regulator, fuel pressure regulator to name a few.

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To install a new window regulator on a MGRZ driver's door, remove the door panel and the wiring attached to the power window mechanism. Remove stereo speaker from the inside door and the window glass. Remove the old window regulator and replace with new.

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