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How do you install an amplifier?

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First, Disconnect battery from vehicle, negative then positive. Run speaker inputs from the radio to the amp. Supply fused power from the +battery terminal connector to the amp. Ground the amp to the body/frame. Find a circuit to supply remote power (something that is only powered when the stereo is on... powered radio antenna works well). Run remote power wire from this powered circuit to the remote power input on the amp. Run your speaker wires from the amp to the speakers. Connect battery, positive then negative. Turn radio on. Test.

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Can one install themselves, or should they seek professional help?

You can install your own amplifier and you will save allot of money. To install an amplifier yourself you should get a How to Guide on how to install an amplifier.

What gauge speaker wire for car amplifier install?

Depends on the output of the amplifier.

How do you install a subwoofer?

In order to install a subwoofer you need: enclosure for sub, Amplifier, and an Amplifier kit. These three things can be found at an electronics store or online.

Do you install subwoofers to your car battery?

No, you connect the to an amplifier.

Is a subwoofer an amplifier?

no, a subwoofer is not a amplifier a subwoofer is actually a speaker that is made for bass. an amplifier is what helps the subwoofer work and sound properly when you install a audio system in your automobile or home.

Where is the best place to install an amplifier in a 1987 300zx?

In the hatch or behind seats

Do you have to get an amplifier too when you install a subwoofer?

Yes if you want the best sound out of it then it is a must.

What is the best location for an amplifier to be installed in a car?

There is a good location for your amplifier to be installed inside of a car. The best location is inside of your trunk. If you have a SUV, such as a Nissan Pathfinder, you would install it on the back of a seat. If you have a Sedan, such as a BMW, you would install it on the very back of the trunk.

Does a 2004 Chevy Colorado Ls have rca jacks?

No. If you are looking to install a amplifier, either install an aftermarket head unit or buy an amp that has speaker level inputs.

Can you hookup an amplifier and sub-woofer to the stock Cd player in a 1999 grand am GT?

Yes you can. Seek professional assistance here or you could ruin the amplifier you install. Y-THInK-Y

How do you install subwoofers with no amplifier?

What I have done before is i attached wires from my door speaker and connected my sub. It sounded pretty good.

Can you install an amplifier to a factory 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee stereo?

yes , you need the converter from high to low, found at walmart, connect to speakers, if have factory amp install before the amp

Who is more gain amplifier cascaded amplifier or darlington amplifier?

Darlington amplifier has more gain when compared to cascade amplifier .

Why would your rear speakers make a buzzing noise after you install an after market CD player when you shut the car off.?

The amplifier is still on after you shut off the car, review your wiring diagram and route the amplifier power to an acc wire.

What is current series feedback amplifier and its uses?

current series feedback amplifier=series parallel feedback amplifier or voltage to current amplifier,or TRANS CONDUCTANCE AMPLIFIER.

What is selective amplifier?

Selective amplifier is an RF amplifier which selects particular frequency and amplifier so it can operate at fixed frequency.

How does power amplifier differ from a conventional voltage amplifier?

A voltage amplifier does not have to supply significant current bur a power amplifier does.

Were do you buy a voltage amplifier?

In audio look at an amplifier. It will be always a voltage amplifier.

Where is the amplifier in a 97 Ford Expedition not the sub amplifier?

How to apply the amplifier to my expedition

What is a mosfet amplifier?

what is a mosfet amplifier

How a transistor acts as an amplifier?

A transistor does not act as an amplifier. It is used as a component in an amplifier circuit.

What is multistage RC coupled amplifier?

A multistage RC coupled amplifier is used when a single amplifier is not sufficient. This is obtained by connecting the output of the first amplifier which is connected to form input of a second amplifier, whose output becomes input of the third amplifier.

Can we install a guitar pedal onto 15 watt guitar amplifier?

your question is very badly phrased... you dont install a pedal onto an amp. but if you mean you want to use a guitar pedal on a 15 watt amp, of course you can!

How to Install a Car Amplifier?

Adding an amplifier is a great way improve the sound quality of your system. It can add enhanced detail and realism as well as volume and impact. The transformation of sound is unmistakable and will make driving much more enjoyable. Before installation, determine a good place to locate your amplifier. Good places are usually under a seat, in a trunk, or cargo area. Amplifiers have a tendency to get warm and will need a location that has enough space and ventilation. Since most amplifiers systems do not come with wires, you will need to purchase an amplifier wiring kit. Since the wires you install will be connected directly to the battery, disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent electrical damage. Run the main power cable from the battery to the amplifier location. Connect this wire to the positive battery terminal. Be sure to remove the fuse located on the power wire before installation. Route the entire power cable through the firewall, through the door, and under the carpet to your amplifier. You may need to remove the back seat when routing the wire into the trunk. Next install the signal cables from the receiver to the amplifier. Run the signal cable on the opposite side of the power cable. Connect the amplifier turn-on lead to the stereo and install it along with the signal cable. Connect both cables to the amplifier. You will need to install a ground lead to the amplifier. This wire should be short and connect directly to a metal component of the car. This could be the chassis or frame of the vehicle. Your final connection will be from the amplifier to the speakers. Use good quality wiring for your speakers. Different quality speaker wires will have a noticeable difference in the quality of the sound. 12 gauge wire is the recommended size for cars. If you need to make longer runs in bigger vehicles then use 16 gauge wire. When all your connections are complete, you are ready to install the fuse located near the battery and reconnect the negative battery terminal. Be sure to reference your owner’s manual for the optimal settings on your amplifier. When routing wire through your car, try to find existing wire connections to pass them through

What is a dc amplifier?

It is an electronic signal amplifier.

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