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How do you install hot water heat in the floor?

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not a diy project. should be done during construction phase or during serious remodel. get an experienced professonial and having deep pockets wont hurt either.

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Should the hot water vent pipe be hot?

Yes. It connects to the inside of the tank, where the hot water is. Heat from the hot water will heat the vent pipe by conduction. The top end should be much warmer than the bottom end, near the floor or outlet.

Why During the hot weather springkling a little water on the floor can cool a room?

Sprinkling water on a floor during a hot season will cool; a room because the water utilizes the heat energy. the water gets transformed into a gas during the cooling period.

What Hot Water Heat Contractors Provide?

Hot water heat is one of the best ways to heat your home; as all hot water heat contractors will tell you, it has many advantages over traditional heating methods. The way that it works is by pumping hot water from a central heating unit through pipes that move all through the home. These pipes carry the water and release the heat that it holds. Water has a very high specific heat -- the amount of energy that it takes to increase its temperature -- so it can hold a lot of heat in a small space. This is very effective and can be used in homes of varying sizes. One of the main advantages to using hot water heat is that it is very effective at warming the floor. Most heat sources are localized, set into the walls. This is true of baseboard heat and certain true of a fireplace. These things can be directed at the floor, but they have a limited range. Hot water heat contractors can install pipes that run under your flooring. Then, the water will be pumped directly through these pipes. This will warm up the floor on contact. None of the energy will be wasted. The heat will be evenly dispersed to all parts of the floor so that you feel warm wherever you go. Having a warm floor goes a long way toward having a warm house. Another main advantage is that hot water heat does not get as incredibly hot as other types of heat and is therefore less dangerous. A fireplace can become hot enough to catch things on fire if they are left on top of the metal box. Baseboard heat can get hot enough to melt plastic items, such as children's toys, if they are left touching the heater when it is turned on. Hot water heat will not do this. You can just set anything up against the heating coils. Even the hottest water that is pumped through the pipes will not be enough to catch anything on fire or to seriously injure a child who might forget that the heater is on and accidentally put his or her hand on it.

Where does the heat from the hot water go?

The heat from hot water in a water heater dissipates after time. Most newer hot water heaters only heat water when necessary. Older hot water heaters try to maintain a specific temperature for the hot water on a constant basis.

What does cyl stand for in a floor plan?

Hot water

Why is Hot heat coming out the floor vent when the heater is off?

Heat is coming from the engine.

Have heat tape on pipes but no hot water why?

Heat tape is just for keeping the pipes from freezing, it does not heat the water. That's what the hot water heater is for.

What is a hot water pot?

A hot pot is a kettle used in dorms to heat water, and to heat soups

Should supply line coming out of hot water tank have a drop down leg in it to keep the tank from losing heat out the pipes?

No this is not necessary. Install the pipes as per usual. You can insulate the hot water pipes up to two meters or up to two yards from the hot water outlet from the hot water tank to prevent this. No this is not necessary. Install the pipes as per usual. You can insulate the hot water pipes up to two meters or up to two yards from the hot water outlet from the hot water tank to prevent this.

What does heat and water make? water

Zone valve is used to open in hot water heat?

A zone valve is actuated by a thermostat and will allow water to pass from the boiler to radiant floor piping or base board radiators or in some cases a hot water storage tank.

Why no hot water on your apt but hot water with other apt on the same floor?

Someone shut the hot water supply off to your unit

What direction will heat flow if cold water is added to a hot pan?

Heat will flow from the hot pan to the cold water.

Why does heat dissolve in water?

Hot water merges with the cold water, and any heat is dissipated.

Which balloon pops faster in hot water or cold water and why?

In hot water because of the heat !

Why is the floor hot around your toilet and sink?

The floor around your toilet and sink could be hot because there is a heat vent nearby. There is no specific plumbing reason for this.

Does a dishwasher use hot water or does it heat up the water put into it?

They use hot water and if it is not hot enough, the heating element used to dry the dishes will heat it to the right temperature.

What plumbing is required to install a hot water tank on second floor?

There has to be a tank pan under the hot water tank with a drain hooked up to the pan. If the tank leaks, it will go into the pan which will flow into the pipe that you have to have hooked up to the sewage system.

Why is the boiler underneath the hot water storage tank?

Heat or hot water rises.

How hot should the water be in a hot water baseboard heat system?

About 150 deg.

How do you fix a leaking hot water line under the floor?

you should dig the floor.

How does the washing machine heat water?

The washing machine does not heat water. It brings hot water in from the hot water heater. They are usually hooked into the same water supply as your shower and sinks.

My Car heater doesn't blow heat immediately when car is started?

You can not get heat from cold water, The engine has to run long enough to get the water in the engine HOT. That is were you get heat from HOT WATER-- Coolent

Does Antarctica have hot water?

There is no natural hot water occurring in the Antarctic.When hot water is required, heat is applied to ice, which is abundant.

Is there a way to turn up the hot water pressure on a new hot water heater?

Yes install a bronze booster pump designed for hot water

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