How do you install rod rack and ends in a 94 Ford Tempo GL 4-cylinder?

It takes a special tool called an "Inner Tie Rod Tool," with a 1-3/16" end. These can be loaned or rented out from many auto stores such as Autozone for a reasonable amount. With tool in hand, carefully pull back the tie rod/rack seal to expose the inner tie rod's lock nut. Next, measure the distance from the locknut/rack interface to the some convenient location on the outer tie rod and record this dimension. Using the Inner Tie Rod Tool, loosen the inner tie rod's lock nut and the adjustment sleeve's clamp and simply unscrew the inner tie rod. Some liquid wrench is often helpful at this point. Install the new inner tie rod in the reverse manner and adjust as necessary to obtain an overall assembly length equal to what you measured earlier. Bring the inner tie rod locknut down tight and reinstall the tie rod/rack seal. At this point, the front end alignment be professionally checked before operating the vehicle or damage to the front wheel bearing will most likely occur (However, it's ok to drive the vehicle straight to the alignment shop after repairs as long as you drive slowly). Good luck!