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Well...its an expensive answer and it will require alot of work. I mean you will become an auto maker. The easiest way to do this is start with an Ex accord (2003 to 2007) with dual climate control. you will need to replace the floor harness and instrument harness (both cost around 700 dollars). Additionally you will need to change the harness in the steering wheel (appox 100 dollars), to be able to add the voice command. The steering wheel push buttons for the voice command (approx 80 dollars). You will need to change the overhead console (approx 100 dollars) this has the microphone to hear your commands). Oh, by the way, all parts so far ar brand new from Honda. Now for the most important part of the whole job... the navigation unit. Honda wants about 4000 dollars for the dvdrom navigation unit. this unit actually does all the calculations and executes ur commands. i suggest to buy that unit brnd new. the navigation antenna also new from Honda for 100.00 . the video screen screen will cost approc 1800.00 dollars. this you can get on eBay or some place like that. After you have bought all this now comes the monumental task of taking the whole interior out of your car. You need this to work. The dash board should come out by removing it as an assembly. on either end of the dash and under the steering wheel. The steering wheel should easily come out once you have disconnected the 4 bolts attaching it to the dash hanger. Here you will need to replace the instrument harness. take a video to remind yourself where most connectors should be mounted to steel hanger that supports the dash board. Once you have done all this you will need to put it all back together. oh by the way i have actually done this. it actuall works. with perfect functionality. realistically you should just spend the extra 2000 when you by the car, but if ur looking for a hobby this is it. you really understand ur car after this. it took me 4 months to do all this but with what i have told you here you could do it within a couple of weeks. if you have help it could actually be done in a week and the cash well there are ways to just get it going but inthe long run most stuff like radios. DVD navigation from Honda is vibration sesnitive. meaning once it sees and enormous g-level like a crash its really a matter of time before it fails. again trust me i have found out the hard way.

now lets say you have an lx. well then the wiring does not matchup and you will have to make it so...before you can go further. if u thought an ex to ex w/ navi was expensive then lx to exl w/ navi will be more. There is more chance the project won't work.

Basically the wiring for a navigation is additional in a EX. it just taps in to certain area for informaton like did u open and fill gas tank. and o

In an lx or dx u'd need to change almost everything. fuse box and the engine compartment fuse and wire harness, and computer.

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Q: How do you install the OEM navigation radio in a non-navigation 2004 Honda Accord?
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