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How do you install the belt pullys on an 1982 Corvette?

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Belt diagram for a Corvette ls1?

Belt diagram for a corvette ls1?

Where can you find a diagram of the belt routing for a 98 Nissan sentra?

i am not sure where to get a diagram usually they are on the plastic cover over the top of radiator. but if not remember smooth pullys the back of the belt runs on and groved pullys inside of belt runs on

Installing the right way timing Belt tensioner for ford probe 1995 20 L you install full kit 2 yrs back now im getting rubbing noise of metal from the timing belt area still dont know whats going on?

you probably have a pulley with bad bearings. It might not even have anything to do with the timing belt idler pully. There is a serpentine belt right there too. It could be one of the pullys driven by that belt, and the t-belt might be fine. Remove the serp belt and see if the noise stops. If it does, it's one of those pullys.

How do you install a fan belt on a '93 GMC pickup?

how to change a belt on a 1993 gmc first get the proper belt .then you look at the pullies to make shure they are all good . now there is a pully dampener at the top .you got to lift or push it down to release the tention . now you can remove they belt .mack sure you put it back on they pullys the same way it came off they pullys .if in dought look at the front of your veihcal and there should be a sticker there an follow the sicker on they header panel for they routing

78 Chevy 350 in your astro just lately it is throwing the alternator belt you have replaced belt you haven't changed anything all the pulleys are on tight what is happening?

You should check that all of your pullys are in a straight line. Look at the belt and pullys from the side of the vehicle to see if they are all in a straight line. hope this helps you out.

When do change the timing belt on a 1986 corvette?

there is no timing belt it has a timing chain

What size belt is used on a 1990 Ford Mustang 50 with no ac or air pump and underdrive pullys?


How can you free up 1967 Corvette original belt buckles that belt does not move through?


How do you change a belt on a 2000 dodge neon?

it depends on what belt it is worse if it is the alternater belt and a pain in the butt if its timing the serpentine belt goes on the front 2 pullys from the top pully you take the belt down and you will se a smooth pully the back side of the belt hits that and goes on the back pully (this is all on the passenger side) alternater belts go behind the serpentine belt and timing belts are in the engine the dots represent the belt its hard to read but it is the best i can do the larger 0 are the main pullys the smaller o is the smooth pully .

How do you replace water pump in 1994 Chrysler LHS?

The water pump is located behind the timing belt cover. It is driven by the timing belt. If you decide to replace it, replace the belt and idler pullys at the same time.

How do you install a serpentine belt on a 1996 Corsica?

how do you install a serpentine belt on a 1996 corsica?

How to install a polaris ATV drive belt?

remove clutch cover. remove old belt. install new belt.

How do you install Hoover UH70212 belt?

You install it

How do you change timing chain on 2002 ford escape XLT 4x4?

do you have a diagram on lining up the timing belt where are the pullys marked

How do you Install F250 serpentine belt?

how to install a serpentine belt on 1989 f250 diesel 7.3l

How do you tighten a serpentine belt on 98 Chevy camaro corvette package?


How do you get the belt tensioner back on once the belt is on?

You should not have removed the tensioner to install the belt. It has a pivot point that and can be moved in order to release the tension on the belt. Once you install the new belt, leave it off the tensioner until last, pivit it and install the belt oner the tensioner.

How do you replace the belt when installing a water pump in a 1989 Suburban?

This should be a serpentine drive belt. If you havn't removed the belt yet make a sketch of how the belt goes over the pullys. Most vehicles now have a drawing somewhere under the hood. The tentioner for the belt is on top and requires a 5/8" or 15mm wrench to pull the tentioner away from the belt. remove the old, install the new. Pull the tentioner away as far as you need to slip the belt into place. Visually follow the belt all the way around to insure it is in place before starting the motor. HTH Stan If you dont have a belt routing drawing to install the belt go back to your parts store and look in the belt catalog. They have pictures for most all vehicles. Stan

Digram to install belt on John Deere l120?

diagram to install belt on john deere l120

How do you install a drive belt for a 1995 poniac gran am?

how to install a drive belt for a 1995 poniac gran am

About how much would it cost to change the timing belt in a 2000 mercury mystic?

Well i cost me about $600 but I also had to replace 4 pullys

1982 Toyota PU timing belt or chain?

1982 Toyota PU timing belt or chain

Where can I find a fan belt diagram for a 1978 Corvette?

Try eBay

How do you replace the drivers side seat belt fastener on a 1995 corvette?

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Why does the 1993 F 250 throw its belt?

check the tensioner pully, it has a mark on it that shows when the belt should be changed from it's length wearing longer. Also check for a broken powersteering bracket causing the belt to be out of alignment with the other pullys.