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How do you install tire chains on cars?


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March 12, 2014 4:06AM

I may suggest a alternative to the typical tire chains and step up to a new product.Tires chains require jacking the car up and cords or bungee cords to install and such a hassle when the weather is not so great like snow,sleet.There is product called auto sock.This is a material that does work and made like cloth but very tough and easy to install all by yourself.In short you slip the sock on all the exposed tire,do all four then roll you car forward to slip the remaining part of the auto sock on.Done and these are used on all types of cars and trucks.No clips,cords,bungee hook ups.The elastic on the item holds it on.I have no affiliation with the brand,product just became aware of it thru some automotive shows and just do a search for it and learn more.So my suggestion is check it out,much easier and hope this helps.