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How do you introduce father to friend for dialogus?


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You would introduce your father to your friend as follows:

"Father, I would like you to meet my friend, Soandso.", then "Soandso, this is my father, (use the name that your father would want to be addressed by your friend)". Next, it is polite to tell your father something about your friend, usually where you met or how long you have known your friend. A conversation will usually follow the formality of the meeting.


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How you will introduce your friend somewhat depends on who you are introducing them to. If you are introducing them to another friend, go with something more casual. If you are introducing them to your boss or parents, try going with something more formal. ie: casual=Hi formal=Hello.

Just say hi First, you should introduce yourself. Or have a friend of yours introduce you.

Florentinus Volusenus has written: 'De animi tranquillitate dialogus, ..'

Florentius Volusenus has written: 'De animi tranquillitate dialogus'

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well you phisically have to walk up to them and introduce your self, and that my friend is how you meet someone.

You can ask him by straight asking him that. If you're shy, you can ask a friend to introduce.

well just be yourslef or go to a guy friend he knows

Introduce your friends by mentioning his/her name to others. You can also mention how supportive he/she has been.

Linkedin has a message column. first Identify the person and send a message.

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