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How do you jump rope?


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April 16, 2011 11:46PM

Note: You don't have to read all of this information. If you just want to know how to single rope jump (jump roping by your self), then you only need to read the paragraphs with the stars next to them. If you also want to learn about jumping in the long rope, go ahead and read it all.

*Jump roping (single rope) is very simple. All you need is a jump rope or a heavy rope (not too heave or thick).

*To make sure the rope is the right size, step on the center of it, with your feet together, and pull each side strait up towards your face. If the rope comes up to about shoulder length, then it's the right size. If it's way under your shoulders or if it goes too high, like above your head, then it's too short or too long.

*The first thing you have to do is hold each end of the rope in each hand with the rope behind you. Then, with your elbows in, swing the rope over your head and jump over the rope when it gets to your feet. I prefer, when you're about to jump over the rope, begin to jump over it when the the rope comes to eye level. That way, when the rope gets to your feet, you don't jump over it too late.

*People who don't jump rope for a living, or don't have a good experience about jumping rope, they usually double bounce. Double bouncing is what most children do when they are jump roping. It's when you bounce two times before you jump over the rope. Pro jump ropers, like myself, don't double bounce, unless , sometimes, when they are jumping in a long rope. Otherwise they single bounce. That's when you bounce/jump only one time before you jump over the rope. When you are doing skills or tricks with a jump rope, you should single bounce. If you do it while single bouncing, it's going to be harder to do and it won't look good.

If you're jumping with a long rope, it involves three people, or two people and a doorknob. Two people will turn the rope and the other person jumps.

Here is how you do it, but you probably already know how:

Each person holds one end of the rope, except for the jumper, and they stand far apart, across from each other, and turn the rope at the same time. (Tip: Turn the rope in big circles, still with your elbow in, so that jumper can jump over the rope better. Also, don't stand too close or too far apart from each other or the jumper will have a hard time jumping over the rope. One last thing, make sure you are not turning to fast or too slow or the rope will not cooperate correctly.) Then, the jumper can either jump in or start in the middle of the rope and jump every time the rope comes to their feet. (I prefer you double bounce for this).

If you only have two people and you want to long rope jump, one person can turn the rope, and the other turner can be replaced with a door knob or another waist high object. You just have to tie the other end of the rope to the doorknob.

I hope this information helped you on how to jump rope.