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What is a network

What does the owner of a restaurant do

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Q: How do you keep air from coming into your building during a certain day of the week and time of day due to potentially hazardous exhaust fumes?
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Why does my Mazda smell like rotten eggs?

You may have an exhaust leak. Better get it checked out. Any exhaust leaking into the cabin/passenger area can be potentially hazardous and deadly.

Can you serve potentially hazardous foods in a mobile food unit?

Yes you can ! Mobile food units are open to the atmosphere - and are usually located near busy roads - meaning that food can be contaminated by exhaust fumes !

What hazardous substance in automobile exhaust is also present in tobacco smoke?

Carbon Monoxide

What is a method of protection from hazardous airborne material?

Enclosure Local Exhaust Ventilation Respiratory Protection

What is the principle of working of exhaust gas analyser?

Each of the exhaust analyzers will need to meet certain requirements. You can find out what these are by looking online.

On a 1994 Chevy Camaro with a LT1 do certain bolts on the exhaust manifolds have to go in certain holes and does it matter where the stud bolts go and if so where do they go?

You can purchase a Haynes Manual and it will help you with the exhaust and much more.

Can you drive your car if the exhaust system and muffler has fallen off?

Only if you can stand the noise... and the stink... and the noxious and potentially deadly fumes. I wouldn't do it.

Is diesel a hazardous material?

Diesel fuel is a petroleum product, with the usual hazards associated with such products.Diesel exhaust is a combination of a large number of partially burned hydrocarbons. The exhaust contains irritating components, smelly components, and also components thathave been shown to cause cancer.

Is wood an inexhaustible resource?

No. It is potentially renewable, but remember the lesson of Easter Island: if you use up renewable reasources faster than you can renew them, you will exhaust them.

How many exhaust fans will I need for a warehouse?

There are building codes and OSHA rules you must follow. Building codes can be obtained at your local court house. OSHA can be contacted at

How will I know if I need an exhaust fan vent?

Whether or not you need to install an exhaust fan depends on the building codes in your area and whether or not the grill is in an enclosed space. You should check with your local government in order to be sure.

How might building a new highway affect the cycles of the matter?

The exhaust from all the cars would add carbon to the atmosphere.

How much does an exhaust cost for a Peugeot 206?

Typically, replacing an exhaust will cost between $200 - $300, or the regional equivalent. Replacing an exhaust for a Peugeot 206 should not cost more than $300. Customers should be wary of scams, as certain garages may overcharge for some services.

Can you move 02 sensors?

If yo are wanting to move them to different locations in the exhaust system, I would not recommend it. The computer is programmed for that sensor reading from a certain location. It may not read the same in a different spot in the exhaust system.

Why should gas-powered trucks not be allowed to idle for long periods in semi-enclosed or enclosed areas?

The exhaust from gas powered engines contains carbon monoxide and in an enclosed area it can reach hazardous levels.

Why does an oven have an exhaust?

Not all ovens do. But if the oven is heated by gas or a hydrocarbon fuel then the products of combustion need to be taken out of the oven, potentially to the outside. Also the air inside the oven will expand as it heats and the has to be a mean for the pressures inside and outside to equalise. There is therefore a small exhaust hole in ovens to allow this to happen.

Why does your car smell like carbon monoxide?

Your car doesn't smell like carbon monoxide because carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless. I can't suggest what caused that smell because I have no way of knowing what it smells like. An exhaust leak will cause your car to smell like exhaust ( and has carbon monoxide in it) and is hazardous to you and your passengers.

How much horspower does a Honda s2000 have with intake and exhaust?

Hard to say as you will get variable gains with certain intakes, exhausts, and a combination of the two.

What is the effects of exhaust fumes on plants?

Increase in growth among certain species over variations of time with possibility of plant infection.

You smell gas in your volkswagen bug what could it be?

If at any point you smell exhaust or burnt fuel inside your car, ride home w/ all windows down and have your entire exhaust system checked immediately. You may have a exhaust leak, causing the poisonous gasses to go into the passenger compartment before it passes through the catalytic converter and out the tailpipe. There are other possibilities, but it isn't worth breathing potentially fatal gasses while you find another source.

You recently got dual exhaust on your 02 silverado and you want to know if reving the engine is bad or if there is even a certain way to do it?

It is not bad at all.

What is the best way to bump up the HP on an 1980 z28 camaro?

Best is headers, delete the cat, and after market exhaust. After that look into building the motor up

What happens if you switch spark plug wires to distributor cap?

The affected cylinders will not fire while they have compression and fuel. The engine will run very poorly, if at all, and you can potentially damage your cat. converters via unburnt gas in the exhaust.

Your engine emission light stays on constant your exhaust is blowingcould this be the problem?

The only way you can know what's wrong for certain is to connect a code scanner.

What is being sprayed out of the planes on certain days in the sky?

Gypsy moths are sprayed for in some areas over the city. Other then that, nothing except exhaust.

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