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Unfortunately, there is mating time and this is usually when cats will spray on everything (also inside the house if you own one and they are not spayed or neutered.) If you go to your pet store they do have a special spray out that you can spray around the perimeter of your home. Other than this, there isn't much else you can do.

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Q: How do you keep stray cats from urinating on the outside of your house?
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How do you stop a stray cat from urinating around bushes outside?

To stop stray cats from urinating around your bushes you can try a number of things. Some say that red pepper or coffee grounds help if you sprinkle it around the areas. Natures Miracle is a spray that will help to remove the smell which will also help stop them from marking.

How do you get rid of cat urine smell outside of house in shrubs and mulch areas from wild stray cats?

um never get a cat

Where do cats usually sleep?

Usually in your house if it not a stray

Why are cats stray?

Cats are stray because they either do not have an owner and no animal shelter has taken them in. Or they have escaped their house and have not been found yet.

Do cats eat rabbit?

stray cats eat rabbits, and house cats will eat rabbits too

What is meaning of cat?

A cat is a pet that many people keep in their house and it has a lot of fur on it. And whiled cats are called stray cats, stray cats are cats that have no home and if you adopt a stray cat get it vaccinated because they might give you disease. hope this helps

What percentage of cats are stray?

75% of cats are stray

Do stray cats eat ham?

yes they do, when I was at my grandparents house a stray tabby came into the backyard and I feed him ham.

What is a home remedy to get rid of stray cats?

Is there a home remedies that I can use to keep outside cats out of my yard and stuff.

Your cat lives inside but goes outside as she pleases and she brings home other stray cats what do you do?

if your cats going outside and bring strays home. you should try to keep your cat in the house as much as posible. but if it has to go outside put it on a leash a lot of people do that way you don't get strays and dead things in your house.

When was Stray Cats created?

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How do you keep stray cats off my car?

stray cats were stray cats...but since they were afraid of dogs...I think that you must have one

What does it mean when you have 7 stray cats on your porch trying to get in your house?

Copied and pasted of Google Search: If you have several stray cats on your porch (for just one day) it is probably because they are attracted to something in particular whether inside the house or outside. If the cats stay there and gradually more cats come over over the days, you'll probably have to figure out the problem and search your yard for anything that may trigger the cats interest. Otherwise spray the porch.

How do you get stray cats from eating your cats food?

Put it somewhere the strays can't get to it and you cat can.. (like inside your house)

Where do stray cats live?

Stray cats have no home, so they live on the streets.

Why are stray cats a problem?

Stray cats are a problem because they kill song birds.

How many stray cats in Europe?

the amount of stray cats in Europe is approx. 250,000

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How do you find runaway stray cats?

Everyday put a wet can of cat food or a can of fish outside your house. This way stray cats will smell the food from anywhere around your neighborhood and will come to your doorstep. Keep and eye out for the cats after you put out the food because this works like a charm. It work great when we lost our cat and our friend who lived nearby did this and found him. :) Good Luck! -KTD

Who sang stray cat strut?

"Stray Cat Strut" was sung by none other than the Stray Cats. It was on their debut album titled Stray Cats, which was released in 1981.

Are cats domesticated?

All wild cats, as in tigers, lions, etc. are considered "big cats". These big cats are not domesticated. House cats, like the little pussy that sits on your chair, are domesticated. A stray house cat can live in the wild, though.

Why do house cats lose in fights?

Because there not used to fighting and get spoiled. Barn or stray cats are used to fighting and so are much better.