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How do you know for sure if your friend is being physically abused if she refuses to be specific when she tells you her husband is destroying things in their home?

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2006-12-17 04:49:07
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A man that throws tantrums and destroys things around their home is a dangerous person. Your friend may not be able to say much because he could be around or she is extremely paranoid of him walking in on her. Since he has these terrible anger outbursts she feels like she is walking on egg shells and is a nervous wreck. If she is able try getting her to go for a drink or coffee with you and finding out more about it. Before you do go onto the Internet to and ask WHAT IS THE CYCLE OF ABUSE? This will answer many of your questions and also she has the opportunity to pack a few things and see a counselor at a Women's Abuse Center in your area. They will protect her by putting her into a "Safe House" and provide counseling, programs and help her to get on her feet as well and provide legal counsel should she want to be rid of this husband of hers. What is going on is simply not right, but be sure you get the whole story before you take sides. Also, watch your own back! This could well blow up in your face.

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