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How do you know how old a fish is?

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well,the faster the fish swims can give you a clue on age like fast swimmer young fish!

the size of the fish compare it to an avrage size then you can find out ur fishs age!
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What does the colors of a koi fish mean?

The colors of a koi fish can let you know what species it is. The colors can also let you know how old the fish may be.

How do you know how old your betta fish is?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell the age of a fish.

What is a ninja fish?

there is no ninja fish now a days.........we cant know more about it.May be some old Japaneses or Chinese know about it.

How do you know if a glow fish is a 10 years old?

by it's actions

How do you know how old your fish is?

Well, usually fish are in the pet store when they're about two weeks old, and usually stay in the pet store for about two more weeks. So figure out how long you've had your fish and add 4 weeks.

How old does a fish have to be to become a fish?

As old as a human has to be to be a human.

How does a blob fish reproduce?

I don't know much about blobs or any type of fish but i think they have something on the bottom. My old friend that's like 20 years old and studys fishotology Abeey

How old is your fish?

my fish??? well mine is about 4 months old. :-)

If a fish is 1 year old how old is it in fish years?


Do crickets eat rotten fish?

Yeah well i don't know how rotten i've seen them eat like day old dead fish in my aquarium.

What food chain is the puffer fish in?

you know that one with the puffer fish that eats that fish yea you know

What is the name of the oldest fish alive?

it is the coelcanth they are over 360 million years old and one was caught last yeat this is wrong that fish dates back 360 million years not that old it lives to about 96 years old. i dont know the name but it is a immortal jelly fish i am not kidding look it up.

How old do mollie fish have to be to breed?

all you really have to do is put a boy and a girl in a tank together and before you know it you have mini mollies and when its does happen take out the bigger fish because they will eat the little fish

How can you tell if your fish is a year old?

Its really a jugment call the longer you have fish in a tank, or choose to breed fish the more knowledge you will aquire in being able to determine to some degree how old a fish, or school of fish might be,if a fish looks old it probaly is, length and width will get you somewhat close combined with a good close once over visual. If you have any fish books you can find what type of fish you have in the book and the book will tell you every thing you need to know how long the fish will get when it gets to a mature age. Some fish live a long time.

If a betta fish is 4 human years old how old is he in fish years?

64 years old.

How old do you have to be to fish?

You can fish at any age.

How old is Fish in the book Savvy?

Fish in the book Savvy is 14 years old.

If my betta fish is 1.6 human years old how old is he in fish years?

He is 26

How do you tell the age of a bony fish?

if u want to know how old a fish is then take 7th grade life science haha gt there b4 u mr :)ly

How old is the oldest northern pike fish?

Don't know for sure but 18 pound pike is around 20 years old and pike get up to 50lbs

How old do sucker fish get?

I have a sucker fish it is adout 12 years old and is a foot long

Is there a blinking fish?

I don't know?! Get a fish and do an expiriment!

What is the similarity between fish eye and human eye?

My name is yuvna. I am ten years old.oh really i did not know that

Your fish bowl with a fish inside all of the sudden has bubbles in it. why is this happening?

When you have bubbles in fish bowls it means the fish is struggling breathing through your water! Know as I have many fish and I know a lot about them!

How does Santiago know the fish is getting tired in The Old Man and the Sea?

Santiago knows that the fish are getting tired because he is an experienced old fisherman and has been fishing in the same waters all his life. Hemmingway spells this out very early in the book.