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Q: How do you know how rich to make your fuel on a kx 100 because im fouling plugs and you have been making it less rich but you dont no what mixture you should use?
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A popsicle should be a homogeneous mixture not a heterogeneous mixture, it is a homogeneous mixture because it is the same all throughout.

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What is gas mixture for 2003 rm 250?

the gas mixture is 32.1 ratio if you put too much it will be too rich and cause plug fouling if you dont put enough it will be too lean and blow the top end so mix it 32.1 ratio with 2 gallons of gas and it should run like a dream

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Will your 2stroke run if ive got the wrong fuel mixture?

yes, just not too lean, which means to little oil which can make them seize, i run my rm250 at 32/1 which is around 310 milliliters of oil to 10 liters of petrol. and if you run the mixture too rich,(to much oil) you risk fouling your spark plug. the bottle of oil you buy should have directions on the correct mix

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The answer should be up in yo book guess you shoulda brought it homne.

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