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How do you know if a boy is flirting?


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If he's being kind of mean to you, then says he's just kidding. and if he texts you a lot and trys to act cool in front of you he's flirting.


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Like flirting with him even though he doesn't realize you're flirting with him? Unless he doesn't know how girls flirt, a boy will know when a girl is flirting with him. It's not that hard, sorry girls.

He will rather act mean or try to make you laugh

if you catch him looking at u all the time and flirting with you :]

you should hang out with them or one of their friends. Once you get to know them a little better then try flirting. This worked for me.

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

Just start flirting and let them know u like them!:)

obvi you dont know nothing you failure at flirting...

when he talks to you all the time smiles alot and seems uncomftorable

We start flirting with you, and we glance at you. Then we either write you a note or get you alone to "talk"

one way to tell is if they make alot of eye contact

I don't know if he likes you but he was probobly flirting with you:)

Flirting is indicating you care for him. Physical flirting would be showing you care by bodily contact.

If you are not steady dating the boy you like then yes, perhaps flirting with another boy will make the other one jealous.

If you know that flirting is what he is doing then it may mean he likes you but otherwise he is just fooling around. If you start flirting back he might show you his feelings of how he feels about you.

The girl will be flirting a lot with you, smiling, making eye contact, and being herself.

You can try flirting with him to let him know you'd like a relationship, and want him to make the first move.

He will comment you. Sit by you,laugh at what you say even when it's not funny.

A boy may stop flirting with you once he finds out who you like if he likes you and wished you liked him back. His friends may still mess with you because they know he has a crush on you.

No, that is abuse. He may think that he is flirting but if continued and allowed it can become abuse.

You can tell your crush is flirting with you by the way he acts. If he says good things about you to your face ; he's flirting | if he gets a little envious when you discuss another boy , you know he is | && if he always stares at you or talks to his homies about you constantly , you can definitely tell. [:

I believe that if the boy hits you repeatedly and smiles about it then he his flirting with you. It also depends on the hardness of the hit. It also depends where the guy hits you.

Um?! I'm a boy, so i say the same with Teen Dating👍🏻

You know a guy is flirting with you when he always is messing around with you and when he is always asking for hugs. Or if he looks at you and smiles. You will be able to tell if he is flirting with you.

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