How do you know if a boy is jealous?



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Jealousy affects everyone at some point. It is related to the intensity of desire and whether one thinks that someone else is getting what you want instead of you. If you are the object of desire and are going out with someone else then some jealousy is inevitable. It can usually be sensed or seen in body language, in the awkwardness of behaviour, tension, or anger. Do you sense kindness in the eyes of the boy looking at you. Are they actively friendly? do they like your company? if not they may be jealous. Jealousy is reduced where there is some change of gaining the thing desired in the future. For example you might feel some jealousy of a friend who has a new desirable product, but if you know that in future you might be able to get this yourself jealousy is not a major problem. Jealousy is a big cause of friction between people who want the same thing when it is in limited supply, and can at times lead to extreme forms of violent behaviour. Envy and jealousy are very damaging emotions and the best way to counteract them in oneself is to be actively grateful in whatever happens to you.