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How do you know if a guy will like you?

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Nobody knows for sure.

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Get to know them. Hint that you like the guy WHILE BECOMING FRIENDS. Get to know the guy first.

If you don't know you like a guy, it means that you just don't like him or you just friends. If you like him you should know.

If he's like, you know, like, you know, like, you know....HOT! SO THERE! Help you much?

It is ok to like a guy after you know he likes you. That is perfectly normal and a part of life.

do you mean how do GUYS tease their mates if they like a guy? As in, try to get the guy they like to know they like them? Or make fun of them because they like a guy? be specific.

Try to make him know that you are not a guy but a girl :)

If it was me I would follow my heart, I am in this situation right now and I know I am going to try and be with the guy I like, because I know that I really like him and aren't just dating him for the sake of it

You have to really think about it, do you really like that guy or not?

If a guy likes you but you don't know him he may look at you or walk by you whenever possible.

maybe he like ya and he wanna know if you like him

Then you go out on a date. no first you get to know him then you go on a date lol. :)

Get him to know how you feel. Then he will understand and you may have a chance to get him to like you.

well if u like the guy that u cheated on and he doesnt know it in order to stay with him u shouldnt tell him if u like the guy who u cheated with then dump the guy u cheated on and go out with the other guy u like if u dont know if the guy u cheated with likes u then find out and if u like him more then the guy ur with dump him and go with the guy who ur in love with

It all depends on how well you know this guy. If you know him pretty well then simply tell him. After he has gotten comfortable with know your sexual preference break it to him that you like him.

Then maybe that guy isn't the right one for you. There are plenty of guys out there and if he is the perfect guy for you, he will like you for you. I know that is a bit poetic but it is true.

If you are gay, and dreaming of cock- you like guys.

Not sure how you expect someone to magically know something.

The guy will try to get to know you better, be nicer to you, and try t talk to you as a guy myself. I would do this if I had a crush on a girl.

Talk to the guy and let him get to know you.

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