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When they will do absolutely anything for you. When you are the one they will make sacrifices for and never leave you.

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What you know you are in love?

How to know you are in love, signs includes thinking of the person. Also you want to be with the person you are in love with, also wanting to please the person.

How do you know your i love?

You know you are in love when you have feelings towards others. You think of the person you are in love with.

How do you know if you love each other?

You will know that you love someone when you know you are willing to do anything for that person. Real love is uncondictional love.

How can you give love to a person?

you can give love to a person by letting them know you are there for them and that they are the most important person to you.

How do you know that you love that person?

with our bheaivour

How do you know the one you love love you too?

ask that person

How will you know that it's love?

you know when its love if u feel that the person u like or love is the right one.

How do you know if youare in love?

Usually you just know. If you know that you want to be with one person and no body else. If you know that you want to do everything to make that one person happy. if you know that you would be willing to die for that person, then you could be in love

What are your emotions like when falling in love?

Too know that , the person that you think your in love with is the person you think they are .

How do i know if it's true love?

True love is when you know you will be that person to the end, no matter what happens to that person you will always be their side. If something horrible happens to them, you will still love them.

How can you know true love?

when you feel like you know the person like he's your bro or sis. If you don't even know him then well not true love. sure there sometimes true love when you see the person but try to get to know him

How do you know if someone is in love with you and who is that person?

AnswerYou can't know if they don't tell you or do things that show that they love you.

Im in love with this person but this person dont know?

Let the person know your feelings do not assume. Try and open up to the person.

When your in love how do you know?

When you are in love, most part of your attention is on your lover. You think of the person you love.

What can i do to get my crush to love me?

It depends on the person to love you back or not. But first you have to let them know you love them.

How do you know if your in love with a person?

if you feel a tingle

Is it possible to love someone you do not know very well?

no, if you don't know what kind of person they are on the inside how can you love them?

How will you know if the person is in love with you?

The person laughs at your jokes and keeps staring at you.

How will you honestly know when you are in love and what if that person does not return the same feelings?

You are in love when, well, you can't really say. But you definitely should know when you are. If that person doesn't love you back, let him/her go.

How do you know you still love a person?

When you constantly think of the person. When you wish to be around the person.

Why the person in love can't sleep well at night?

Often when someone is in love they may lose sleep and it is simply because that person is on their mind constantly. It is not like insomnia, but simply love and missing the person. If the person in love doesn't know if the person they love loves them back then they may stay awake worrying about it and wondering what to do. If one is in love with another then they should take the risk; ask them out and get to know them and then tell them they love them.

How can you love a person?

Love grow's if you and that particular person feel's the same way about each other. Love cannot be forced. So get to know this person before you try and love him/she.Hope i helped!

How do you know if you are still love?

Hi, I may not be able to explain this answer very well but I will definatly try! You know if you are still in love with someone if you can not stop thinking about the person, if you love the time you spend with them, if you love the way the person acts around people, if you love every little tiny detail about the person without just liking the thought of the person. And you definatly know this if you two broke up 12 weeks ago and you still love the person after all the pain the person has caused you.

Why would a girl accept handwritten love letters when she doent know the person and she was harassed by his friends for a year?

maybe she know who send them and she`s in love with that person.

What if you love somebody and don't know if they love yew?

then you're a terrible person.