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Theyre are two types of relationships in this scenario. Relationships in which couples accent eachother, or ones in which they balance eachother. Some people like partners who are similar to them, while others aim for total opposites, some even have a combination. To know if someone is the one you have to know what type of relationship you want. WOuld you rather someone who shares your interests or someone who can help broaden your horizons. Take a look at significant beliefs you hold and your stances, and see if your partner fits your view accordingly. THen the whole other 50 percent is feeling. You can reason why you love someone until u turn blue in the face, but if he or she doesnt have your unswerving respect and adoration that is mutually shared then chances are he or she is not the right one.

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Q: How do you know if a person is right for you or if someone else who shares your interests is the right one?
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