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How do you know if he likes you back?


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December 28, 2009 7:55PM

*sigh* You don't- that's the problem. Just be nice to him, smile alot when he's around, find out things you have in common. Be fun and he'll want to be around you more.

Try starting a conversation, then suggest you go to a movie or something and hope for the best. If he says no, then don't look rejected or anything, just continue the conversation like it's no big deal. This still doesn't mean he doesn't like you; he may be doing something else, or worried about what his friends will think, or something. Never, I repeat NEVER, ask why because that makes you seem needy/suspicious.

Another approach is, if you have a friend who likes someone else, then you both say to the guy you like that you have a friend going on a first date with someone and could they come with you on a group date to make the other couple feel more comfortable. Group dates also tend to rule out those akward silences that can happen on single first dates.

Hope I helped! ^^