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Enjoy the ride! But I feel so insecure when he says those things, like im an athlete or just a buddy is that normal, im not sure if its normal for guys to speak like that if they really like you, but when we are intimate (no sex involved here) but i feel like he feels more but then again its pleasure its easy to get carried away, im feeling unsure because been hurt in the past and find it difficult to read signs and i dont want to be used Take it one day at a time. Worrying is like a rocking chair. It's a lot of work to go no where.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-07 03:02:12
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Q: How do you know if he really likes you or just as a friend if you have been together a short time and he treats you well and always compliments you and surprises you?
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Is it a good sign if a guy compliments you?

First of all it is always good when you get compliments! If a guy compliments you, that means that he is paying special attention to you. There is a good chance that he is interested in you as more than as a friend.

What do you do if your best friend talks down to you never defends or compliments you and can always make you feel bad while you always give them props and always try to impress them but you never can?

then they are not a true friend!! : )

How do you know if your friend is really a true friend of yours?

This is a way of knowing that your friend is true. she doesn't treat you like garbage, when some one is being mean to you or picking on you, your friend is always there to help you and not being shy and watching. and she always compliments you and she always asks for you then any other person. i hope this helped!

How do you know if he's interested in you?

He gives you compliments often, if he stand up for you, laughing together, and if he looks at you a lot. There are a lot of things he could do to show it.Well you can always talk to him, Have a friend who is well known to him to him ask, or you can "observe" how he acts around you and take a guess. I hope this helped!

How do I know if he's interested in me?

He gives you compliments often, if he stand up for you, laughing together, and if he looks at you a lot. There are a lot of things he could do to show it.Well you can always talk to him, Have a friend who is well known to him to him ask, or you can "observe" how he acts around you and take a guess. I hope this helped!

What are some obvious signs a boy likes you?

some signs are:he always hangs out with youhe always looks at you and blusheshe asks you if you have a bf (boy friend)he sometimes bumps into youYou seem his stare at youhe begins to open himself more to youcompliments you

Do guys only compliment a girl when he's interested in her?

It depends, is he your friend? And what did he say? Also it depends on what kind of guy he is, does he compliment others often? But no matter what compliments are always good =]

If a guy is really nice and always compliments you and loves high fives does he like you?

Depends. By the looks of it, he seems to think of you as a friend. However, you'll never know until you ask him.

How can you become a friend of a girl?

Be nice, give occasional compliments, don't be afraid to tease.

Who is jenette mccurdy's best friend?

Mary Cumpston is. They're always together and BFFs!

Your best friend has a aunt and when you want to go to the movies or hangout she is always busy with her they do everything together they are always texting each other and they even talk about boy?

you need to get a new friend.

What does it mean when you talk to your guy friend he says he misses you and says you are awesome and jokes and compliments you does this mean he likes you or just a good friend?

It means both

Drop it low115 on YouTube rocks does it?

It is amazing it has Carlie and her best friend Cheyanne!!!They always hang together!!!My best friend Taylor is the cousin of Carlie!!!!!!!!

How can you make a girl have interest in you?

You can wink at her, give her compliments, get to know her first. Be her friend and then you can see if she has mutual interest in you.

Your wife is always going out with her best friend is she lesbian?

no females typically hang together constantly......constantly

How do you get your boyfriend's good friend to stop liking him because it's making you jealous as they are always together?

you have a better chance of getting use to the fact that there always together. evenually they wont hang out so much anyways.

Do some friends help their friend get back together with their Ex?

Yes, I do but it does not always work, but the answer to your question is a definite YES

What is the Difference between friend and closet friend?

A friend is someone you hang around with, someone you share your joys with and if you have projects at school, you are their partner. You have a lot of fun together. While a close friend is all of that, plus more. A close friend is like a best friend. It is someone you know you can go to when you are down and during your rough times. A close friend is someone who will always be there for you no matter what. You share your joys but also your pain with close friends. You can always trust them and they will always want what is best for you.

What is a true friend like?

A friend is someone who knows all your faults and loves you anyway. A friend will bail you out of jail. But a best friend will be sitting next to you saying "That was great!" Haha a best friend is someone who is always there for you and you do everything together and can tell them anything and trust them!!... A friend you get on best with!! :)

My friend is trying to get together with a guy who is a bad influence. What do i do?

Let her do what she wants to do she will learn from her mistakes but, just tell her that you will always be there for her

Why is your boyfriend and your best friend always together?

he wants to get tips from her to please your and make you happy, or he likes her, or they are best friends as well

Does this boy like this girl he always says hi to her he compliments her on her talents when he tells a joke he looks at her to c if she laughed so does he?

If he is single, no doubt about it. If he already has a girl friend, he just is a friend. And if your friends go all dumb and tease him going, "James likes Marissa!" That would make him like you a little less.

A friend is coming between you and your other friend what can you do?

be friend together

A friendship poem?

this is an assessment that i had to do for school. it is a friendship [poem and i really liked it so i decided to share it with you.a friend is one that will help you when you are down. a friend will always be there for you. you must be a friend to have a friend. friends are kind, nice and giving. a friend is like the air you breath. a friend is always by your side. you can have many friends. a friend is like an owl, both beautiful and wise. a friend is like a ghost who's spirit never dies. a friend is like a beat that goes song till the end. you and your friend stick together though good and the bad. you can tell you friend a secret or two because a friend will always keep it with you. a friend is very important. always have one with you because where would you be in this world if you did not have a friend?thank you very much for checking out my poem. sennserly, bianca.C mrs.gages class

Is there any way that you can get your best guy friend to like you more then a friend?

It's rather difficult to MAKE someone like you. Spend time together as you always have. Let your heart be your guide.