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Take the radiator cap off. Start the engine and watch for bubbles. This is a quick check. If you want a better check use a compression tester. Check all of the cylinders. They should all be similiar. If one or two are low you probably have a blown gasket. There are other causes for low compression, but they will all require opening the engine to fix. ANSWER Is your coolant temp gauge reading different readings like hi then low and back? Is there any white smoke coming from the exhaust? Is your engine running rough like 1 cylinder is missing?


You can also borrow a tester at Autozone to test for blown head gasket. I believe it tests for exhaust gases in your coolant.

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Q: How do you know if the head gaskets are blown in a 1997 Tahoe?
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How do you fix a blown head gasket 1997 Ford Probe?

The only fix is to replace the gaskets. Also check to make sure the head is not warped or cracked.

How do you repair blown head gaskets?

You cannot repair a blown head gasket, you must remove the heads and replace the gasket.

Can blown head gaskets make your car run hot?


How hard is it to change the head gaskets on a 5.7 vortex 1997 gas motor?

5.7 chevy silvarodo how to change head gaskets

Can a intake gasket be blown without signs of a headgasket problem?

YES. The intake gaskets have NOTHING to do with the head gaskets. It is a very common problem that the intake gaskets blow. It is not common for the head gaskets to leak unless the engine was over heated, and I mean HOT.

What to do for blown head gaskets for 3.8 engine?

Remove the head, Grind it flat and replace it using a new gasket.

Is the 3.0 notortious for blown head gaskets on the ford taurus?

No It's not very common.

What damage is caused by having too much oil in the engine?

Blown head gaskets.

Watery engine oil?

Your head gaskets are blown. sorry to be the barrer of bad news.

What is the best fix for Blown head gasket on turbocharged 5.0 mustang?

MLS head gaskets or o-ring the block/head

1994 deville ran hot now wont start?

blown motor .probably blown head gaskets or a cracked head with water on the cylinders causing hydraulic lock.

Why are 3.8 liter engines more known for blowing head gaskets?

The 3.8 GM V6 is prone to blown intake gaskets much more than blown head gaskets. The blown intake gasket causes a loss of coolant which in turn causes overheating and a blown head gasket. The problem exists with most 2000 to 2003 vehicles equipped with the 3.8 Liter V6. There were defects in the upper intake manifold gasket, throttle body nuts, and the throttle body gasket.

What is the best stuff to use for a blown headgasket?

Head gaskets can't be repaired. If they fail they have to be replaced.

How do you replace blown head gaskets out of 1997 Chevy Camaro?

are you sure its just a blown head gasket?... if heads are warped due to overheating replacing the gasket wont help you will need new heads as well. You can get a Haynes Manual or Chiltons, they will give you step by step guidance on replacing your gasket.

Are intake gaskets and head gaskets the same thing?

intake gaskets are between the head and intake. head gaskets are between the head and the block..

Do Pontiac grand ams have problems with blown head gaskets?

i was told that they do, except for the 3.1 definitely the 3.4

Can blown head gaskets cause a 1996 maxima not to run?

Yes, however it will likely start with no power

Are their any recalls for the 2008 Nissan versa's for blown head gaskets and cracked blocks?

Click the link.

What are head gaskets and what causes it to blow on a 96 Toyota?

Head gaskets seal the clyinder head to the block. Head gaskets usually blow when the vehicle has been run too hot for too long. Heat warps the cylinder head and gasket quits sealing, known as a blown head gasket. There are other reason for blowing a head gasket, but this one of the most common reasons.

1996 z28 what antifreeze is recommended?

I would recommend the old green antifreeze as the new Dex-cool is garbbage, it contributes to blown intake gaskets and head gaskets.

Why is your car oil color cream color and smells like gas?

it means you have a cracked head or blown head gaskets. does the car overheat?

What would cause a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer to overheat I've replaced the thermostat thermostat housing water pump and other miscellaneous stuff but I keep having overheating problems. What do I do?

have you had the head gaskets replaced you might have blown head gaskets or warped heads on the block this is a costly repair check your water for oil or check your oil for water this will help to determin if they are ... have you had the head gaskets replaced you might have blown head gaskets or warped heads on the block this is a costly repair check your water for oil or check your oil for water this will help to determin if they are ...

How do you fix the blown head gasket of 2002 Ford Windstar?

The head gaskets must be replaced. This is a major repair that should only be undertaken by a professional.

How much all together does it cost to fix a blown head gasket in an Oldsmobile Alero V6?

$2200 is what I spent but it was head gasket and intake gaskets.

Where would water leak into the oil on a 5.3 liter Chevy?

Cracked cylinder head, blown head gasket, engine block or intake gaskets.

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