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How do you know if you have dry socket?

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AnswerThe symptoms of dry socket typically appear a few days following the extraction (removal) of a tooth. It is an excruciating and debilitating pain, which is a result of exposed nerves and inflamed bone where the tooth used to be. Usually, a blood clot fills the socket and insulates the nerves and bone from the outside environment. If the clot is lost prematurely, a dry socket can be the result.

A dry socket needs to be diagnosed and treated by the dentist who extracted the tooth. This is a relatively routine complication, and it will be covered as part of normal follow-up care. Until you can see your dentist, you can get some temporary relief by applying a small amount of oil of cloves to a small cotton pellet and placing it on the extraction site.

Personal Experience:

When I had 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled when I was in my 20s I suffered from dry socket and the pain was out of this world. My mom phoned the dentist and he came to the office and took the stitches out, packed each socket and re closed it. I slept for 2 days! What happens sometimes is when they pull a tooth the root pulls away the thin layer covering the bone and the bone is exposed to air. Ouch!

2014-04-08 20:20:26
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My sockets don't hurt but are empty is that dry socket?


If you have a dry socket will you bleed?

In most cases, if you have a dry socket you will not bleed. If you have a dry socket, you need to go back to your dentist.

What happens to an untreated dry socket?

An untreated dry socket can lead to infection.

Can you get dry socket if you have stiches?

yes it is possible to get dry socket even if you have stiches..

Is dry socket always painful?

yes a dry socket is very painful

When are you in the clear of dry socket?

A person will be in the clear of a dry socket after about 10 days. A dry socket can be avoided by not using a straw or smoking after getting a tooth pulled.

Can you get dry socket after 6 days?

Unfortunately, a person can get dry socket 6 days after a tooth extraction. Some ways to avoid a dry socket are not smoking and not using a straw.

Can you get dry socket 10 days after a tooth extraction?

It is a bit unlikely to get dry socket 10 days after an extraction, but not impossible. Usually dry socket occurs 3-5 days after the extraction.

How do you know if you get dry sockets?

Dry socket pain is usually a pain that lingers and radiates. The pain can be described from a low dull pain or unbearable.

Can you die from a dry socket?


How long do you have to worry about dry socket?

In average a dry socket happens 4 days after an extraction. It rarely happens after a week.

Is it possible to get dry socket without an extraction?

Dry sockets occur when a tooth has been extracted. Without the extraction, there is no socket.

When am i out of danger of getting dry socket?

In most cases, the danger of getting a dry socket has passed in about two weeks. It all depends on how fast the soft tissue in you mouth heals. Once the socket is complete covered in a layer of gum tissue, it is no longer possible to get a dry socket.

Can you get a dry socket if you have stitches?


What is a dry socket?

A dry socket usually occurs when the extraction site of your tooth fails to form a clot and heal. When the clot dislodges, the socket will be dry and painful because there is no more clot covering the bone, hence the name dry socket.

How do you cure dry socket?


What does a dry socket look like?

It looks like a hole where your blood clot should have formed. Usually, a bit of white can be seen (this is the exposed bone). You will know if you have dry socket due to extreme pain from your mouth up to your ear in most instances and a very bad breath as a result from the empty socket.

How long will it take for a dry socket to close?

It can take several days for a dry socket to close completely. You will have to go to the dentist every day until it heals to have the socket packed with a medicated dressing.

How do you know if you have a dry socket if you feel extreme pain in the hole where the tooth was?

Extreme pain, bad taste, and rancid smell from the mouth are some symptoms of a dry socket. If you are feeling extreme pain where you have had a tooth extracted you should contact your dentist/doctor for help.

How do you know its dry socket?

If you see yellow stuffs in the infected area and also get bad breath, taste and nasty smell.

Can you get dry socket 3 weeks after extraction?


Can you have dry socket without pain?

Uhh... no

Does packing a dry socket hurt?


Is dry socket created by cigarettes or weed?

Dry socket is created by the act of sucking so even if you suck too hard on a straw there is a chance you will get it.

Can cold weather affect dry socket?

I not sure if it does but I have dry socket and tge cold on my cheek hurts and feels like it isn't getting warm when insude