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I currently have a dry socket, but cannot see the bone. My dentist told me there are varying "degrees" of dry socket. Some people can see the bone, and so they have the worst type of dry socket. Mine has a clot, but it is slightly dislodged, so it is still quite painful. I would like to add a new comment, however. Everyone seems to be saying that as soon as the medicated gauze is in place, the pain is relieved. This has not been my experience. When the dentist first placed the gauze in, I felt some relief and that lasted about 30 minutes or so. Then, the pain slowly came back and I am taking 600 mg of ibuprofen along with prescription pain medication in order to be comfortable. Maybe whatever my gauze is medicated with isn't as strong as some. Yes, you can see the bone and it tastes like infection and the pain is unbelievable. A dry socket looks like a hole in the gum and it appears to have a yellowish, white color. It tastes bitter, and it is so sore you can't touch your face with pounds of pressure on the gum. If you have these symptoms immediately go to dentist, he will fill hole with packing of clove oil and the pain will immediately stop. I went 10 days before returning to dentist. this is VERY dangerous and pointless. When you get a tooth pulled there should be no pain after the 3rd day. if you have pain, go to dentist. Your jaw will appear to have a small ping pong ball in it as well. I've currently got a dry socket, and, yes, I can see the bone. The dry socket occurred five days post-extraction. Until then, I was pain-free, and when I looked into the hole left by the removal of a lower wisdom tooth, it was pinkish-red. I assume that what I was seeing was the protective blood clot. Then, I started experiencing INTENSE pain. Fearing a dry socket, I decided to investigate. I grabbed a small flashlight, turned out the lights, and shone the light into the hole. It was no longer pinkish-red, but the pale white. I went to the oral surgeon a couple of hours later, and he verified that what I was seeing was exposed bone. If you think you have a dry socket, I encourage you to see your dentist or oral surgeon ASAP. They will pack the site with a very small piece of gauze soaked in a clove oil mixture. The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes, will cost you around $35 (that's a Chicago price, though - could be high), and you will feel UNBELIEVABLY better in about 10 - 20 minutes.

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Q: What does a dry socket look like and can you see the bone?
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What does a dry socket look like?

It looks like a hole where your blood clot should have formed. Usually, a bit of white can be seen (this is the exposed bone). You will know if you have dry socket due to extreme pain from your mouth up to your ear in most instances and a very bad breath as a result from the empty socket.

What is a dry socket?

A dry socket usually occurs when the extraction site of your tooth fails to form a clot and heal. When the clot dislodges, the socket will be dry and painful because there is no more clot covering the bone, hence the name dry socket.

As dry as a bone simile?

This means very dry/thirsty Give me a drink I'm as dry as a bone! Look at this firewood it's as dry as a bone.

What does the gum look like after having dry socket?

it won't look like much more than a tooth pulled out but it will hurt, a lot!

After a tooth extraction What does it mean if the socket turns white?

If the socket turns white after a tooth extraction, it means you have a dry socket. The white you are seeing is bone. After you have a tooth pulled, there is a socket or bone and sensitive nerves. Dry sockets occur when a blood clot either fails to form in the socket or it disintegrated. Dry sockets can lead to terrible pain and inflammation You should call your dentist right away if you have one!

What does a dislodged blood clot from an extraction site look like?

When an extraction from a dentist is performed, a common complication is dry socket. Dry socket is extremely painful and the gum where the blood clot originally was will appear white.

What is a dry pocket?

It is actually called "dry socket" it is when after a tooth is pulled a blood clot forms to protect the underling tissue . when you have dry socket the blood clot has been dislodged and the bone and nerve are exposed causing pain.

If you have a dry socket will you bleed?

In most cases, if you have a dry socket you will not bleed. If you have a dry socket, you need to go back to your dentist.

How does smoking cause dry socket?

sucking the cigarette (like a straw) is what causes the dry socket. just like a straw can cause dry socket, cigarettes basically do the same thing. it is recommended to wait 3-5 days to smoke a cigarette after getting your wisdom teeth pulled.

Is dry socket always painful?

yes a dry socket is very painful

Can you get dry socket if you have stiches?

yes it is possible to get dry socket even if you have stiches..

What happens to an untreated dry socket?

An untreated dry socket can lead to infection.

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