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If the egr valve is stuck OPEN - the Engine will run Very rough & idle bad - or not idle @ all-if the egr valve is starting 2 stick IT WILL TURN ON THE CHECK engine light-Sometimes U can take the valve off & clean them with a GOOD carb cleaner.

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Q: How do you know if your EGR is broken?
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How do you know if the EGR valve has gone bad?

hopw do I find the egr valve on a vauxhall signum

Where is egr valve located on 2004 grand am?

i want to know if a 2004 grand am , 2.2 engine has a egr valve

What does the egr sensor do on a 1997 dodge neon?

AN EGR (Exhaust Gas Reclaimer) sensor monitors the EGR and sends a signal to the ECM (Engine Control Module) letting the ECM know if the EGR is open or closed or anywhere between.

How do you know if you have a bad EGR valve on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup?

2001 Dodge Rams do not have Egr valves.

What does EGR flow insuffient code p0401 mean on a Honda accord 1996?

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, which basically sends some of the exhaust back into the engine cylinder again. Your error means that there isn't enough of the exhaust gas making it back to the intake manifold. The first thing I'd check is the tubes coming off of the EGR valve to make sure they aren't clogged or broken. Then I'd check the EGR valve itself and the throttle body. The problem is usually: 1.) Carbon buildup causing a clogging. 2.) Broken hoses. 3.) Broken Valve.

How do you know the egr valve is dirty on a 2004 dodge 2500 5.9L diesel?

A 2004 Dodge Ram with the 5.9L Cummin's does not have EGR.

Where is the valve is it in the EGR Pump?

Never heard of an EGR pump and need to know what year, make, model, engine and what valve you are looking for.

EGR 101 and EGR 102 fitted to which mondeo diesel engine?

Ford Mondeo TDCi 90,115,130 or 155bhp. I would like to know which EGR valve be it 101 or 102 fits to which engine?

How to correct exhaust recirculation deficiency on a 1999 Ford Taurus?

This issue is typically caused by a broken or jammed EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve). To remedy the problem, you must remove the old EGR valve and replace it. Attached is an Article from AutoZone on how to determine if it is the EGR valve and how to replace the EGR on a Generation 3 (1996-1999) Ford Taurus, It will also determine if your problem lays in other EGR components.

Where on the vehicle s10 is the egr located?

Need to know what engine it has.

Where is the egr on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee 5.2?

It does not have EGR.It does not have EGR.

Where is the egr valve on the 2001 dodge Dakota?

It does not have EGR.It does not have EGR.

Where is the egr valve on 1977 for f150 351m?

I don't know if it is the same but the EGR valve on my 1977 Ford 302 was underneath the carburetor at the back of a spacer

How do you locate a egr valve for a s10?

If you want to locate a new egr valve, check with your local auto parts store. If you want to know where the egr valve is located on your vehicle, post the year and engine size of your S10.

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306 hdi 04 starts and runs but does not rev?

Check the plug to the EGR sensors hasn't come loose or a wire broken to it.

What to look for when you get a code P0404?

you have excess flow through the egr system. check for a broken, disconnected, or loose tube, or faulty solenoid.

How can you know for sure if your EGR valve is working?

Test it with a vacuum hand pump.

Egr location on 1988 ford 5 liter?

I don't know what model you are working on, but my EGR on a f250 is along the firewall high to the left of center. Good luck.

How do you know when your leg is broken?

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Where is egr valve 1997 pu show diagram?

the egr valve is underneath the air filter housing. WARNING: there are multiple things to cause the EGR system to malfunction other than the valve (BPT valve, broken vaccum hose, solenoid, clogged ports, EGR temp sensor). A good diagnosis would be worth being wrong by just replacing the valve. Trust me, I used to work for a Nissan dealer

How does the car know the EGR valve is bad?

If the egr valve was stuck open, the engine wouldn't idle. If the egr valve was stuck closed you may hear excessive pinging (spark knock) and in most vehicles, the check engine light would illuminate.

How do i know if the egr valve needs replacent on a 05 Malibu maxx?

it will lose power

How do you locate and replace the EGR valve and then reset the check engine light on a 2000 Ford Mustang?

I don't know much about the EGR valve yet....but i know some autoparts stores can reset your light for free...just call around.