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How do you know if your coil pack is damaged on a 1995 grand prix gtp 3.4?

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i would check to see if your getting spark right off of the coil pack the easiest thing would be to go by one of those $2 spark testers. disconnect the plug wire from the coil pack one at a time so you dont forget what wire goes where, put one end of the tool on the coil and the other end on the plug wire. go start your car and youll be able to see if your getting spark. youll have to do that 6 times. I have a 94 GTP with the 3.4L Hope this helps

2008-10-13 00:10:58
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The jeep will start and run for appox 10 miles then it dies, until it cools off The coil will stop Firing,I have a 94 Grand Cherokee, that did the same thing to me I replaced the coil still happen It was the pcm put it on the computer before it leave you on the side of the road.

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