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it won't work

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2006-04-16 07:42:16
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Q: How do you know if your garbage disposal is clogged or broken?
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Solutions of garbage disposal?

i want to know what control disposal mean .

How do you know the difference between a clogged and a broken garbage disposal?

First look in with a flashlight to see if anything is in there. take a wooden spoon and try to turn the inside. Lacking that, go underneath the disposal and see if there is a hole you can fit n Allen wrench into (in most cases it came with the disposal)... if so, try to turn it that way. If it turns free and still won't work, replace it.

How do you know what power of disposal to get?

Depending on how much stuff you would typically run through your disposal would be whatever power garbage disposal you need to get.

How dangerous is a garbage disposal to young children?

It is very dangerous to let a child under the age of 12 operate the garbage disposal. All children should know to keep hands out of it.

On a garbage disposal their is a red button on the bottom what does it do?

it may be a siren for if their will be fire or something related. I know for a fact there is no siren on my disposal No fire in the hole!!

What is proper way of garbage disposal?

If you have a septic tank or gray water system in your home then do not install a garbage disposal because it has been know to clog up your drain field. If you have city sewer and have a garbage disposal then I would recommend that when using the garbage disposal, you make sure you are running cold water because it helps make vegi's not stick to the sides of your drain and its cheaper and I forget but something to do with spaghetti and disposals don't mix.

Can you put limes in a garbage disposal?

Someone told me that a plumber told them that but did not remember why....does anybody know the mechanical reason?

Can you have a garbage disposal on a well?

Your source of water should not be an issue. But it may be an issue if you are on a home septic system. Some say not to use a garbage disposal when you are on a septic system, but you can. I know of some in use with septic systems and they have not had a problem. Generally you should have your tank pumped every five years. With a garbage disposal on the system you should have your tank pump every two or three years,

Why can't you put egg shells in my garbage disposal?

Because that would require me entering your house, and I don't know where you live.

Does the garbage disposal sound like chubacca taking a?

yes it does sound very nice like thaat. hont know

How do you maintain your septic system when using a garbage disposal?

That is a dicey area - I would call your local septic cleaning firm and ask them. I do know that garbage disposals are NOT recommended for homes that have septic systems.

How do you install a garbage disposal in a shaw sink?

The only issue would be the drain hole. I couldn't find a measurement of what it is. I would imagine a new sink would have a standard size hole. I do not know about an older one. I have never seen a smaller drain for a garbage disposal but that doesn't mean they are not available.

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