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How do you know if your motor starter is bad?


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it should lose power if not work at all. take it off and take it to autozone or something they should test it for you

Taking off and having tested will surely work, but if you don't want to take it off do the following. Jack up the car and secure it with jack stands. DO NOT work under a car only supported by a jack. It hurts real bad if a car falls on you. You need a volt meter. Set the meter to read DC volts. Find the terminal that runs to the starter motor, not the incoming to the solonoid. Put the red lead of your meter on that terminal. Put the black lead to ground. Have someone try the starter by turning the switch key. If you get 12 plus volts reading and the starter is not turning, you just might have a bad starter. Keep your hands clear of moving items suchs as belts etc. If you get no reading, you may have a bad solonoid also ck the battery cable. Good luck. JA