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How do you know if your motor starter is bad?

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it should lose power if not work at all. take it off and take it to autozone or something they should test it for you

Taking off and having tested will surely work, but if you don't want to take it off do the following. Jack up the car and secure it with jack stands. DO NOT work under a car only supported by a jack. It hurts real bad if a car falls on you. You need a volt meter. Set the meter to read DC volts. Find the terminal that runs to the starter motor, not the incoming to the solonoid. Put the red lead of your meter on that terminal. Put the black lead to ground. Have someone try the starter by turning the switch key. If you get 12 plus volts reading and the starter is not turning, you just might have a bad starter. Keep your hands clear of moving items suchs as belts etc. If you get no reading, you may have a bad solonoid also ck the battery cable. Good luck. JA

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Starter keep on turning after the motor is runing?

Bad starter solinoid replace it and the starter!

What are the signs of a bad starter on a Chevy S10?

The starter will not rotate the flywheel, grinding sound when starter engages, slow revolution of starter motor. Loud humming from starter motor.

Will a bad battery drain your starter?

Your starter is incapable of being drained. It is an electric motor. However a bad starter can drain your battery

If truck wont start and Battery tested good is it a Bad starter?

It could be a bad starter or a bad solenoid.... If you turn the key, but motor will not turn, listen for clicking... if it clicks, possibly bad starter. best option would be to beg steal or borrow a voltmeter and measure voltage at starter motor when key is turned......

What will would stop a car not start but makes a clicking sound at the starter motor?

dead battery bad starter solenoid bad starter loose or corroded battery or starter cables

What happens when a starter goes bad?

motor won't start.

Why is the starter just making a whining noise and not engaging the flywheel to turn over motor?

the starter is bad.

Where is the relay for the starter motor located on a Subaru Impreza?

there is no starter relay have your car alarm checked it has a starter disconnect that goes bad

Can bad brakes cause your car not to start?

No bad breaks can not affect the starter or the motor. Nate.

How do you know if you need a starter?

easiest wat to check a starter is to turn on ignition.then with a screw driver cross the positive lead to starter wire on the starter motor if the starter is good this will turn over the engine if starter is bad it will not if this does tuen over engine , you can then check solenoid and other ignition parts

How do you know if the starter is bad on a 2000 Toyota Tundra?

If your battery is good but the starter motor just clicks instead of turning over it is bad, OR it turns over weakly or turns over and starts clicking then it is bad. If it turns over strongly and sounds OK then it is OK.

How do you know if a starter is going bad?

A car failing to start is an indicator that a starter is going bad. A bad starter can also cause a screeching sound when the key is turned.

How can you tell if the starter is going bad on a 1993 4-door 4.9L Cadillac?

You know the starter is going bad when you have a dragging starter.

Why does my starter motor stay engaged even when I turn the key off?

The starter selinoid is bad, selinoid is locate above the starter it self. Need to replace the starter.

How do you know if an engine has seized?

It will not turn over on the starter motor.

How do you know if your starter or battery is bad?

If you can jump start the engine your starter is good.

What are the symptoms of a bad starter in a dodge neon?

The starter will quit engaging in the motor. Sometime if u bump the key it will work.

What is the problem when the starter stays engaged on a E350 Motor home?

either the starter is worn out and needs rebuilding, or the battery is bad

Starter clicks will not engage?

Seized engine? Weak or dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Flat spot on starter motor? Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

How can you tell if the starter contacts are bad in 96 Toyota Tercel?

Take out the starter take take off the back lid and you will see the two clips inside that rub against the motor kind of like motor brushes. if they are worn replace them and you will have a new starter. you will hear a clicking noise when they are bad and you will not get your starter to start. Toyota starters do not go bad(quality product). Bedros

Why the headlamps of a car go dim when the starter motor is used?

The headlights in a car usually dim slightly when the starter motor is used. This is because the starter generally pulls substantial current from the battery, and that causes the battery voltage to decrease. However, they should not go too dim... Excessiving dimming can be caused by a bad or undercharged battery, and bad starter, or bad wiring connections.

How do you know if the starter needs to be replaced?

When the starter motor refuses to turn over or grinds and clicks when turning then you need a new motor or recondition the old one.

How do you fix a four wheeler that won't start with a fully charged battery?

There is many different things that can be wrong. If you have lights but the starter won't spin, then you could have a bad break light switch,a bad starter switch, bad starter solenoid, or even a bad starter. If the starter does spin but the motor won't start it could be a bad spark plug, bad coil, fuel blockage, carburetor that needs to be cleaned out, or bad stator.

Why do my '93 ltd crown Victoria not start but only clicks when you turn the key over?

It means either you have a bad connection to the starter (dirty cables, wires, etc) or that you have a bad starter motor. The click is actually the starter solenoid kicking the starter drive into position, but the starter motor either is not getting the juice required to turn the engine over or is shorted and not allowing the starter to turn. Either way, the problem is in the starter motor circuit. You're best bet is to clean ALL electrical connections between the battery and starter. If that doesn't work, you probably will need a new starter.

Can you start your 2002 Monte Carlo by jump starting the battery if the starter motor is bad?

No. If the starter doesn't work it can't turn the engine.

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