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go to Google and type in the exact name of the process. Usully you will find a website telling you what the process does and if it is needed. Sometimes the process will be identified as malicious. If your computer is slowing down alot do a search on google for: Ad Aware Spybot Search and Destroy The above 2 programs are free and remove 99% of the spyware and adware from your computer. If your computer becomes overwhelmed by too much spyware or adware it can come to a screaching halt. Use these 2 programs on a weekly basis! Commuter :) If you take off your start-up programs, it may help. On windows XP go to the start button, run and type in msconfig. At the top of the window there are tabs choose the tab that says start-up. Uncheck everything it will not harm your computer. Click apply then ok. It will tell you to reboot your computer when it reboots a window will appear that states "You are using selective start-up" there is a box in the middle of the window that says "Do not show this messge again" click that. Good Luck!

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Q: How do you know which processes on task manager are safe to end if you have MANY precesses running and is it making your computer slow?
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What is the GUI utility that provide information on processes that are running on your computer?

task manager

What are the differences between the control panel and the task manager?

The control panel provides access to applications that allow the management of the computer. The task manager allows for controlling the processes running on the computer - starting them and stopping them, as well as getting metrics on the running processes and applications.

Lets you view the applications and processes running on your computer as well as performance information for the processor and memory?

Task Manager

IS The task manager provides information for the window vista operating system about programs and processes running on your computer?


What is the task manager in computer?

The task manager is a place where you can go to find out what processes are running on your computer. You can end programs that aren't responding easily with it. Press, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the task manager

How do you showthe applications that are currently running on the computer?

Right-click on your toolbelt, and click task manager. Then go to the "Processes" tab

How do you see process?

It depends on what you mean by computer process. If you want to see computer processes [such as a running program], and have a Windows then open the Task Manager by pressing ctrl-alt-delete.

How do you get rid of computer viruses without software or programs?

When your computer is running well, use task manager and make a record of all the processes running. If your computer starts running bad, compare the lists and find whats different. What is different that you don't recognize is probably the virus. Hope this helps.

Where can you view a list of all processes running on a system?

Task Manager

How can one fix a slow computer?

If one suspects it is one program that is running slowly by coincidence, such as when it seems as though the computer is freezing, one can try holding control, alt, and delete and then bringing up the task manager. After the task manager is up, either terminate the program that is running slowly, or bring up the processes window and see which is using the most CPU usage then terminating it. If a computer is often slow, try defragmenting the computer.

How does a computer processes data?

By running the program based on user's input.

Can you View what applications are running in the background in windows task manager?

Yes. If you click on the processes tab, you can view all the running programmes

Which Task Manager tab allows you to show processes from all users to verify no applications are running under that user account?

Processes tab

What are computer processes called?

Processes that perform specific actions to a piece of hardware or software may be called "x"-process, such as a printer-process. Generally, though, computer processes may be called running software, running applications, active software, and active applications.

What tool can be used to view running processes?

Task Manager... Just making this easy for you huh?

Can't open Skype you are already signed in on this computer?

i have windows 7 and this problem was super annoying. I opened task manager and saw i had two skype processes running and a skypepm. exe process running. i ended all three processes and reopened skype from bottom taskbar and signed in. it worked for me. hope this helps.

When using Windows you can open what Manager to see a list of processes that are being executed by the processor.?

Answer The manager you are referring to is called the Task Manager. It can easily be opened by pressing and holding CTRL, Shift and Esc keys. The items on the table are all of the processes running at the moment. Think of a process as a program. You are very familiar with this you just are not aware of it until now. When you are surfing the web your internet browser has a process running. The same is true for Microsoft Word when you are typing a document. The advantages of the task manager is you can end a process (program) even when the program itself has stopped responding. You do this by right clicking the process and clicking end task. The other advantage of Task Manager is it allows you to see what is using your computer's resources. Many people ask what is a good number of process to be running so that their computer is not slowed down. Computers are very different with various amounts of processing power and other specifications. The general rule of thumb is the more processes that are running the slower your computer will be. Do not blindly start ending processes because there are some processes running that are part of the Windows operating system.If you computer is running slow you will want to alter what process start running when the computer boots (starts). To do this you will have to view the Startup tab. To stop a process from being started when the computer boots right click it and click disable. Be very careful doing this. There are processes related to the Windows operating system and disabling them could cause technical problems. If you disable any processes from starting up I highly recommend that they are only process where it is clear what they do. For example, if you have Skype installed on your computer and you don't mind having to manually start it in order to receive calls then it is fine to disable it.

Whenever I try to download iOS 6-0-1 my computer says the connection times out and I checked and I have a strong connection what is wrong?

I believe your internet connection is too slow or you have too many processes running on your computer. Go to task manager by pressing control then alt then delete and stop some of your processes.

What does the task manager monitor?

It monitors all running programs and applications on the computer.

What task cannot be performed by the windows task manager?

You cannot fly a kite from the Windows task manager. Seriously, it would be easier to tell you what you can do rather than what you cannot do. The task manager allows you to view all running processes, examine CPU, memory and resource consumption, execute new processes and terminate stalled processes.

Why is your computer being so slow?

The most common reason is that there are to many programs/processes running at the same time on your computer.

Symptoms that your computer is possibly infected?

Your computer could be infected with something if it suddenly runs slower or begins doing strange things. You can check the Task Manager for any new processes running that you are unfamiliar with. If you believe that it is infected, download an anti-virus program and have it scanned.

How do you detect monitoring systems on your computer?

You can use the Task Manager to know the monitoring an performance of the software or programs running on your computer.

What software tool can be used to see applications that are currently running on your computer?

In Windows, this would be the Task Manager.

How do you get your computer to load things quickly?

By improving your CPU. Canceling running processes that you don't need to have running at the time. Clearing disk space. Etc.