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How do you learn Brazilian Portuguese?

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You may begin learning Brazilian Portuguese through online instruction in the language. Or you may take a course if it's convenient to get to one of the colleges, community colleges, and universities where instruction in the language may be among the course offerings. If there isn't an actual course, the higher educational institution may approve your setting up independent study with competent faculty. Or there may be an immersion course that a specialty language institute schedules. Or you may locate a cultural group, such as a Brazlian American association; or Extension service correspondence courses. Or you may locate a competent, preferably native speaking private tutor, such as from the spouses of international faculty, staff and students. It always helps to supplement such structured instruction with practice in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Comprehension skills benefit from videos, tapes, dvds, and cds in Portuguese. And there always is the short-wave radio. And, ultimately, there's travel to a Portuguese-speaking country, or residence among a Portuguese-speaking community or in a Portuguese-speaking neighborhood.

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How do you spell 'I am sorry but I can learn Brazilian in Brazilian Portuguese?

you mean, "I am sorry but i can learn portuguese"?? Me desculpe mas posso aprender português.

Where to learn portuguese?

A good website that can get you started is sonia-portuguese.com However, it's more of the Brazilian portuguese rather than Portugal's portuguese.

Is Brazilian a language?

Brazilian Portuguese which is a dialect of Portuguese from Portugal

Where did Brazilian Portuguese come from?

, Well Brazilian Portuguese is a mixture of Languages from Africa and The Portuguese Language.

Are people from Brazil Brazilian or Portuguese?

They are Brazilian and they speak portuguese as their official language

How do you say the problem in Brazilian Portuguese?

The problem in Brazilian portuguese is o problema.

Ola , I need to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Where can I find classes or a tutor?

This is a good place www.brazilianportugueselessons.com/

Is Portuguese the same as Brazilian?

In Brazil, they don't speak Brazilian, they speak Portuguese.And in Portugal they speak Portuguese as well.

How do you say harmony in Brazilian?

Harmony is harmonia in Portuguese. (Brazilians speak Portuguese not "Brazilian").

How do you say Barry in Brazilian Portuguese?

There isn't an equivalent name in Brazilian Portuguese for Barry.

Enjoy the book in Brazilian Portuguese?

Enjoy the book in Brazilian portuguese is Desfrute o livro.

Which country is Portuguese spoken?

Brazil (Brazilian portuguese) Portugal (portuguese)

How do you say boyfriend in Portuguese?

namorado in Brazilian portuguese

What is champion in Brazilian?

"Campeão" is the Brazilian Portuguese word for "Champion" .

What is nan in Brazilian?

nan isn't a brazilian portuguese word.

How i can say how are you in Brazilian?

How are you in portuguese(brazilian) is "Como vai você?"

What does me stosa mean in Brazilian Portuguese?

Those are not Brazilian Portuguese words. check your spelling and try again. Thanks.

How do you say good morning in Brazilian Portuguese language?

Good morning, on the Brazilian portuguese language is " Bom dia ".

What is the translation of thorn in Brazilian?

EspinhoBut it's not Brazilian. It's PortugueseBrazilian does not exist

How do you say home in Brazilian Portuguese?

The same as in Portuguese: Casa.

What is the Portuguese translation for blood?

In Brazilian Portuguese it's "Sangue"

Are Portuguese people Brazilian?

Some people in Brazil are Portuguese.

How do you say i am trying to learn Portuguese in Portuguese?

Estou a tentar aprender Português (European Portuguese) Estou -> I ama -> particletentar -> tryingaprender -> to learn (verb)Português -> Portuguese Estou tentando aprender o Português (Brazilian Portuguese)"What's your name?" = "Qual o seu nome?", or "Como você se chama?"

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