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Most local community colleges offer inexpensive Photography courses. There also a number of developing labs that offer courses that are correspondence coursed. Seattle Film Works has a very good one that comes with audio lessons and all. There are also some inexpensive advice-givers on the internet that will help you. Try going to Google's web site and simply type 'free photography lessons on line'.

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Q: How do you learn to use a camera well?
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What camera should a buy as your first camera?

When you are getting your first camera get Sony it is easy to learn how to use and a really good features. My first camera was a Sony and I still use it today.

Which brand of digital camera makes the easiest to learn camera for a beginner?

Kodak is widely accepted as the easiest to use digital camera.

What type of camera is best for a beginner?

The . Nikon Coolpix 4100 is an excellent camera for the beginner.It performs well and is easy to use.

How do you use MP5 rifle?

Well son its like a camera point and shoot!

What is the best camera to use for everyday and special pictures for occasions ?

I believe the best camera in my experience to use for everyday use is Canon PowerShot SX10. It works extremly well and has fantastic zooming.

What is a good camera for a 11 year old photographer?

Well this might not be the best camera but I would recommend a cybershot camera. My sister has one. They are very nice and easy to use.

What camera should you get for Lego movies?

You should use a Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera. I works very well for me.Type your answer here...

What does the function button on a camera do?

everything! they are the key to the world, use them well. I don't know, google it your camera manual dumb a s s.

How do you use the camera on club penguin?

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Box camera no 1?

The first box camera to do well with consumers was the Kodak box camera that went on the market in 1888. People liked it because it was lightweight and they didn't need a tripod to use it.

Can you use the lenses from your minolta maxxum 7000i 35mm camera on a digital camera?

They should work on Minolta digital cameras, and possibly the new Sonys as well. Check carefully into the camera specs.

How do you get photos to come out in black and white?

well you can use black and white film and develop them using a regular camera. basically just load your camera with black and white film if it is that kind of camera.

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Is there a camera guide that one can learn from?

Yes, there are camera guides available. In terms of selecting and purchasing a camera, the best place to look would be on the Which website, as they have an accurate guide. For guides on how to use a camera, and what to do with a camera, a good guide to buy would be a book such as; Photography for Dummies, which is available online at retailers such as Amazon, and in store at shops such as Waterstones.

Can you photograph Saturn with a digital camera?

not quite sure but i know you can ask a professor for the answer :D and you can use what the scientists use as-well

How would a business use a digital camera?

Well they could use it to take pictures of the company. They could use it to take pictures of the staff.

How can you make you phone's camera flash?

Well if your phone doesn't have a flash light on it, then u can't use a flash, but if it does, in the camera mode, go to options and select camera settings and the flash settings should be there

What is the value of a Nikon F camera?

If the camera shows signs of use or is well-used but mechanically OK, look on the website of Ffordes of InvernessUK. If the camera is pretty well unused condition, look at Grays of Westminster. Also look at MW Classic Cameras, also in London, .

Which camera would be the best for outdoor use?

Any digital camera with adjustable iso settings would work well outdoors. The Canon 30D is a great choice.

Does dynamo the magician use camera tricks?

No all His Tricks does not use the camera

Can you use a Camera on Skype?

You can't use a Traditional Camera. You need a Webcam!

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Is the polaroid 600 a good camera for professional photographers?

The camera is great for everyday use. It gives great angles and picture quality. Polaroid is a great brand and well known throughout the camera community. Many photographers would recommend a camera of this magnitude.

Learn To Use An SLR Camera To Its Fullest Potential?

A single lens reflex (SLR) camera is one of the most advanced types of cameras available. In order to get the most out of an SLR camera, it is important to learn how to adjust the shutter speed, the focal plane, and even the lens itself. When all of the options for adjustment are known for an SLR camera, it becomes an incredibly versatile device for capturing not just an image, but also the atmosphere of an entire scene.

What can one learn from the website Jessops Photographic?

You can learn tips and advice on how to take digital photographs. Other features of this website include a shop where you can purchase cameras and lenses as well as guides on how to choose which camera to buy.