How do you leave a cheating man when you have three children and no family to help you?

kinda hard to answer with just that info ! document his actions and go see a lawyer,sorry to ghear that with the kids he has done that !!


It's always hard to make a decision when there's children in the picture. If you think that you can't put up with his action anymore and you said you don't have relatives or family close by, go and see a lawyer. Make sure that you have all the evidence that you can show or use so the lawyer can help you. I know it feels like its the end of your world but its not. You are making the first move on how you can have a piece of mine away from your husband.

If your children are still young your husband is responsible to support them. Don't let no one tell you other wise. You have the reason, why you want your husband to go away and stick with it.